VERSE 3 meeting room

An extended space, Verse 3 adds a generous meeting area with enhanced privacy capabilities to your workplace that’s fully DDA compliant. Verse 3 creates ambience, minimising the din of the workplace for the group in discussion and minimising the noise of the conversations taking place inside the privacy room for those focused outside.
Length: 2880mm
Width: 1980/2280/2580/2880mm
Height: 2200/2400mm (Frame)
Overall Height: 2370/2600mm (Including Fan Box)
Lead Time
8 - 10 Weeks
Lead times are based on standard configurations.
Additional two week lead time for Crafted Hardwood timbers.
Crafted Hardwoods Enhance Verse with Eco-Friendly Timber
Sustainable Innovation:

Crafted Hardwoods Enhance Verse with Eco-Friendly Timber

Crafted Hardwoods timber is now an eco-friendly option for Verse, one of the most sustainable acoustic pods. Using advanced robotics, it transforms low-value juvenile pulp into hardwoods with a 100-year-old wood look in just one day. Crafted Hardwoods employs water-based bonding agents, making it solvent-free and 100% recyclable. In line with sustainability, for every Verse purchased with Crafted Hardwoods frames, they'll contribute to reforestation through OneTreePlanted:

Verse 1 = 1 tree, Verse 2 = 2 trees, Verse 3 = 3 trees.

Integrate booking system


Floorsense Rooms compliments booking the physical space to support virtual meetings created in other systems. Also offering a rich analytics system to report on room occupancy vs room size and drill down on busy periods to find peaks based on room features.

Advanced Occupancy Counter

Advanced Occupancy Counter

Ceiling Mounted optical sensors analyse low-resolution images of a meeting room or space, sensing people as objects and producing highly accurate data. The current count of people in a meeting room space is transmitted to a Floorsense dashboard and floorplan view which can significantly improve a company’s understanding of space utilisation and capacity planning

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Connect Video Iamge

As curators of your modern connected workspace, we guide you through the pick of the best emerging technologies, and integrate them into your furniture solutions. 

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