Case Study: A New Hub in the Heart of Penrith
Case Study: A New Hub in the Heart of Penrith

Situated in the bustling heart of Penrith is the new Western Parklands City Authority (WPCA) office which occupies a generous 2,000m2 space, spanning over the ground floor and level seven.

The design team at Group GSA were tasked by Property and Development NSW with creating a multipurpose co-working hub infused with vibrancy, while highlighting its substantial investment in and impact on Penrith's economic and cultural landscape. Zenith were engaged to provide a suite of furniture solutions that would complement the multipurpose meeting rooms, touch down spaces and collaboration zones for both visitors and staff alike.

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Jac Classic Stool  and Jac Classic Chair

Thoughtfully designed and robustly manufactured, the Jac seating range is the perfect juncture of elegance, functionality, and sustainability. Suitable for innumerable spaces, WPCA chose the Jac chair and stools for break out and meeting spaces within their office. Jac is also the ideal choice to minimise environmental impact: For every Jac sold a tree is planted through Zenith’s sustainability initiative. Currently the One Tree project is focused on Ecological Restoration in South-West WA, at Boorokup and Tambellup Noongar Farm, providing education and empowerment for the local indigenous community through on-going employment.

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Precinct Meet, Jac Classic Chair

The Precinct range by Zenith Design Studio is a collection of flexible and versatile structures that offer spatial fluidity for individual and group needs. With a family of products including pods, ottomans, lounges, booths and screens, Precinct can be combined to create ‘spaces within spaces’ for dedicated tasks, focused work or collaboration. WPCA opted for Precinct Meet, which supports small meetings, huddles and social connection.

Timeless, minimal and elegant in expression, Alter upends conventional ideas of a workplace chair. Inspired by people and emotional comfort, award winning designer Scott Fitzsimons creates a sense of residential familiarity through Alter’s refined frame and pillowy seating.⁠ WPCA recognised that Alter would make a welcoming and stylish lounge chair for their arrival area.

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Alter Chair and Nido Chair

Verse by Zenith is a versatile acoustic pod available in 3 sizes to suit business needs. These meticulously designed and rigorously constructed pods offer superior noise minimisation, making them the standout choice for modern workplaces. Whether a solo workspace for concentrated tasks or a larger meeting pod for team collaboration, WPCA opted for Verse as a quiet haven for staff to take a call or an online meeting.

For a versatile, multi-functional table, WPCA opted for Zenith’s Kissen. With a charming distinctive leg profile, Zenith’s Kissen has proven a popular choice for the collaborative office. Designed to foster connection, whether collaborative group work or social connection, Kissen is a table created for interactivity.

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Jac Chair and Kissen Table

Zenith products  support the multifaceted needs of Western Parklands City Authority's dynamic new workspace in Penrith. From the eco-conscious JAC seating to the versatile Precinct range, each piece reflects the client’s aim of functionality, versatility, and easy collaboration.

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