Case Study: A Collaboration focused Refurbishment in Parramatta
Case Study: A Collaboration focused Refurbishment in Parramatta

The Thrive Project for a NSW Government State Owned Corporation recently enlisted the expertise of Group GSA to revitalize their 14-floor Parramatta headquarters, home to 1,000 employees. The initiative aimed to nurture staff collaboration and break down silos, fostering a more cohesive and integrated workspace.

Group GSA envisioned an open plan floorspace with dedicated areas for community and connection while also providing work zones for individual focus. Through a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process, they developed a fresh concept inspired by natural watering holes, or billabongs. Traditionally, the billabong symbolises connection between land and water, a sanctuary of sorts amidst disruption. With this vision of creating wellbeing and connection, Zenith RBA were tasked with curating a broad array of furnishings to cater to the many varied work, meeting, training and socialising zones within the project.

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SOL-Sit Lounge, Orbis Workstations, Vox Task Chairs

For independent focused-work areas, the Thrive Project chose Orbis. Zenith’s Orbis electric workstations are customisable to individual height requirements, helping combat muscle inactivity and increase circulation. Orbis is exceptionally stable and sturdy, yet uncompromising in visual appeal. Supporting easy collaboration, Orbis can be configured in a number of ways to facilitate individual or collaborative work modes.

With employee wellness as an overarching focus, the client sought a versatile task chair that offered comfort and ergonomic support with a clean streamlined aesthetic. Understanding that their people can at times spend several hours at their desks, the client selected the Vox chair. A good ergonomic task chair not only provides comfort but can also improve productivity and reduce the potential for workplace injury. The Vox task chair offers the user postural comfort and versatility, with lumbar support and an auto weight adjust recline mechanism.

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Precinct Lounge, Primary Table, Jac Sled Chair, Jac Sled Stool, SOL-Sit Lounge

Meticulously crafted and durably built, the Jac seating range epitomizes elegance, functionality, and sustainability. Versatile for innumerable environments, The Thrive Project selected an array of Jac chairs and stools for their breakout, collaboration and meeting areas. Jac is also the ideal choice to minimise environmental impact: For every Jac sold a tree is planted through Zenith’s sustainability initiative. Currently the One Tree project is focused on Ecological Restoration in South-West WA, at Boorokup and Tambellup Noongar Farm, providing education and empowerment for the local indigenous community through on-going employment.

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Precinct Meet Booth

For meetings or socialising, Precinct Meet Booth provides a ‘room within the room’. With high screen encasings, the Meet Booth caters to a broad spectrum of workplace activities, providing an enclave for social connection or private teamwork. Upholstered in deep blues and ochres, the Precinct Meet Booths complemented the billabong theme of the interior design.

Zenith RBA also provided a selection of Precinct Lounges in various sizes and shapes. Light and mobile, Precinct Lounges are an ideal option for quick catchups or a comfortable perch for reading or relaxing.

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Kissen Conference Table

Indispensable to a collaborative workspace is the Kissen Table range. With an omni-fold top, Kissen serves as a  workstation pod, collaboration and meeting table, touch down team table and a conference/tutorial table. Fixed and folding tops mean it can be used for transient spatial needs or permanent settings, with the omni fold feature allowing for rapid adaptability. Cable integration is reticulated through the leg and cast headers enabling daisy chaining, and presenting a contemporary cable free appearance. The Thrive project opted for the Kissen Conference and the Kissen Table.

The refurbishment of the client’s Parramatta office heralds a new chapter for their employees. The contemporary and collaborative workspaces provide innovative ways for people to work and connect. Zenith RBA’s solutions worked in tandem with the design intent, providing tailored solutions for work modalities, while also complementing the inspired concept of community and renewal through the billabong.

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