New Zealand Tree Planting Program Update 2022
New Zealand Tree Planting Program Update 2022

Since launching the JAC tree program in late 2019, Zenith has contributed 4,816 trees to the Gisborne project so far. and partners have planted over 189,490 trees and are set to plant an additional 220,000 Manuka Trees this season (June through August).

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Manuka Trees

These trees play an important environmental, cultural and economic role in the Pamoa Forest community. Manuka trees are indigenous to the region and are used for protection for other plants and as a source of pollen for indigenous bee species. Their honey has powerful medicinal properties, including skin and wound healing and immune support.

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Watershed Health

The planting will protect the existing water infrastructure and improve the water quality for area communities. Reforesting will also improve the stability of steep, highly erodible soils in vital water catchments and adjacent riparian areas.

The protection offered by Manuka trees will also provide wind protection, limiting natural disasters in the area.

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The regenerating forest ecosystem will be contiguous with the Waingake Waterworks Bush, the largest and most significant remnant of coastal lowland forest in the region.

Together these areas will become a massive biodiversity haven, providing a mosaic of differing habitat types protected from pest animal and plant species.


We thank you, our passionate community for your support!
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