Case Study: An office transformation for a Global Insurance Company in Brisbane
Case Study: An office transformation for a Global Insurance Company in Brisbane

A prominent insurance group launched an initiative several years ago to revamp their office setups, starting in Australia. This initiative was driven by the company's dedication to streamlining operations, enhancing communication and efficiency, and striving to meet long-term sustainability targets by reducing operational emissions. Their most recent office transformation was in Brisbane designed by Group GSA.

Inspired to create workspaces that are both productive and supportive, the company consulted extensively with their employees to gain an understanding of their top priorities: Tech-enabled, agile and flexible ways of working were indispensable to engagement and efficiency.

To fulfill their Brisbane office’s ambition of an agile working model that assimilated user- friendly solutions with long term sustainability, Zenith provided a comprehensive suite of commercial furniture solutions for the project.

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Smartalock, Orbis Workstations, Belite Task Chairs, Estate Tables

Fundamental to the wellbeing of staff is providing workstations that support independent concentrated focus. The Global Insurance Company chose Zenith’s Orbis workstations: Orbis is exceptionally stable and sturdy, yet uncompromising in visual appeal. The height adjustable feature allows for effortless individual customization. Supporting easy collaboration, Orbis can be configured in a number of ways to facilitate individual or collaborative work modes, while the alternating desk height feature helps combat muscle inactivity and increase circulation.

Having dedicated areas and furnishings that align with work tasks is an invaluable resource: Workers can move to a setting that best fits the task at hand.  Estate is a table system that is distinguished by its grounded pedestals which come in a selection of profiles. Serving as either an individual work-point table or a collaboration setting, Estate creates a ‘neighbourhood’ for specific modes of work.

Understanding that their people spend a great deal of time at their desks, the right task chair was imperative for the client. A good ergonomic task chair not only provides comfort but can also improve productivity and reduce the potential for workplace injury. Belite task chair by Formway offers the user postural comfort as it  flexes and moves to accommodate changing positions. Belite only has seven major parts and weighs 57% less than most high-performance chairs. This means less manufacturing, less componentry and a minimized environmental impact.

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Jac Side Chair and Jac Tub Chairs

Areas dedicated to collaboration and meetings required a seating solution that provided aesthetic elegance, durability, and versatility. The Jac Side and Tub chairs were chosen for the task. Thoughtfully designed and solidly constructed, Jac effortlessly fulfills the seating needs for a multitude of spaces and applications. Jac also aligned with the client's commitment to minimize environmental impact: For every Jac sold a tree is planted through Zenith’s sustainability initiative. Currently the One Tree project is focused on Ecological Restoration in South-West WA. By choosing Jac chairs for their office, the client has helped restore habitat and preserve local biodiversity.

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Precinct Pods, Belite Task Chairs, Orbis Workstations, Zenith Connect pucks

Precinct Pods are agile, insightful and adaptive. Precinct Pod is an acoustic-panelled system that creates a variety of workspaces for countless work modalities, providing maximum freedom and adaptability to work your way. For focused tasks or quiet collaboration, Precinct pods create defined workspaces for the QBE team.

The client opted for tech integrated solutions to support an agile workspace. Zenith Connect  revolutionises desk reservations by integrating a 'puck' that streamlines check-ins, occupancy tracking, and device charging. This versatile puck empowers users to book a space while providing valuable insights into space usage. Not just limited to reservations, it also enables wireless or wired charging for phones and laptops.

Supporting employee security, convenience and flexibility, Smartalock combines high-performance locker hardware with intelligent software into a complete package. Smartalock is an electronic “smart lock” that can be retrofitted into existing lockers or installed on new lockers. Smartalock can be accessed with a smartphone or swipe card, eliminating the need for PIN codes. Smartalock is ideal for the company's permanent and hybrid staff, allowing a secure locker for personal items on demand.

The performance of a company frequently hinges on its workforce, and efficient employees prioritise work settings that offer flexibility and adequate tools. This Global Insurance Company recognized that integrating Zenith solutions into their office upgrades significantly boosted workplace engagement, productivity and effectiveness.

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