Smartalock combines best-in-class lock hardware with powerful intelligent software into a complete package. With the agile workplace providing flexibility and allowing users to operate in a space without the boundaries of how that work is achieved, an ever-growing need for personal storage is needed. Employees need an assigned locker that they can safely store there working tools and personal belongings.
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Lead Time
6 - 8 Weeks

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Floorsense was formed in 2015 by Simon Hope, Daniel Hope and James Dodunski, the same group of entrepreneurs responsible for the Smartalock locker system and have each 20+ years in developing customised and highly regarded hardware, software and furniture systems.

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand the Floorsense team develops all its hardware and software in-house and reacts quickly to changing customer demands. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver highly tailored agile working solutions in conjunction with leading interior designers and furniture creators - blending technology solutions seamlessly into furniture to without the clunky and IT centric approaches traditionally seen in this space. We make solutions the Real Estate and Property teams can understand, deploy and operate without large internal IT projects and associated trailing costs.