ESTATE table

Estate is a comprehensive family of tables that provide permanent ‘localities’ for divergent tasks. Serving as either an individual work-point table or a collaboration setting, Estate creates a ‘home base’ for specific modes of work. Distinguished by the grounded pedestals which come in a selection of profiles, Estate can be configured in ways that best align with varying work tasks and design aspirations.
Multiple sizes - refer to specification
Lead Time
6-8 weeks
Stocked models and finishes may vary, please contact us to check availability.

Customise Workstation

Estate Table

Estate is a table system that is designed to support collaborative or work-point settings. When specified as a team-centric work zone, Estate can utilise click in lids, and a foot rail (if fixed height). Whereas individual work-points, where users focus on individual tasks, can employ the skyrail and screens to provide visual and acoustic privacy.

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Floorsight provides you with a top of desk power solution, Space reservation system, Occupancy sensing/reporting and a Covid-19 return to work solution.

Handset Controller Image
Zenith Handset Controller

Zenith 2 & 4 Button handset controller is a product of thoughtful innovation and customer-driven enhancement.

Cable Hub
Cable Management

Cable management solutions that will help you manage, hide or store wires and cables around your work point.

Work Shapes Desk Accessories

Work Shapes are a family of desk utilities made from textured powder coated aluminium and steel elements. Deriving size from a simple grid system, items nest, align, adapt and expand with ease across a workspace. Available with a caddy, container, pen cup and set of 3 dividers.

Work Shapes Desk Accessories
Work Shapes Shelves Binder
Work Shapes Shelves

Work Shapes is a family of worktop and hanging utility accessories. The Hanging Accessories consist of a hanging coat hook and whiteboard designed for the Precinct Pod and screen range. It is paired with the shelving system to stack, compose, store, arrange, share, play and shape the way you work.

Work Shapes Shelves

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We’re a design and experience centric studio who create furniture solutions based on our intimate understanding of the workplace and workplace behaviours. We apply our expertise in interior architecture and product development to create progressive, high performance workspace solutions.

In our Design Studio you’ll meet our team of 30+ experienced product designers, mechanical engineers, product configurators, immersive experience developers and visual content creators. Our cyclical process of listening, investigating, experimenting, and learning, provides a proven platform for understanding the unique requirements of our clients.

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