KISSEN workstation

Kissen workstation is engineered to optimise team based working, with numerous configuration options and customisation to enrich work environments. The interchangeable kit of parts allows Kissen to integrate perfectly with CTRL and many cable management options. Designed for the physical and functional requirements of today's diverse work modes, Kissen fosters connection whether in a social or collaborative setting.
Multiple sizes - refer to specification
Lead Time
4-6 weeks
Lead times are based on standard configurations.
Stocked models and finishes may vary, please contact us to check availability.

Customise Workstation


Precinct is a soft and frameless screen solution that is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, creating clean and defined workspaces.

Available in Precinct Worktop Mounted, Desk Frame Mounted Screens and On Desk Screens.

Framed Screens

Framed Screens: S30 are exceedingly well resolved and comprehensive. The functional and aesthetic screens are both highly versatile and reconfigurable. They are structural elements that support a wide range of accessories and shelves.

Not compatible with S50 screens.

Slide On Divider
Slide-On Divider Screens

Slide-On Divider Screens provide flexible options for acoustic and visual privacy between work points. The different finishes offer a range of aesthetic styles and can complement any fitout.

Simpl Screen

Simpl is a frameless, lightweight screen solution that can be worktop fixed or clamped using a variety of substrates.
Simpl Screen is a pinnable screen available in a range of sizes and shapes.

Cable Hub
Cable Management

Cable management solutions that will help you manage, hide or store wires and cables around your work point.

Precinct Fold Me Image
Precinct Hold On & Fold Me Screens

Precinct Fold Me is a movable, foldable screen that sits on any worktop and Precinct Hold On is a lightweight frameless screen.

Work Shapes Desk Accessories

Work Shapes are a family of desk utilities made from textured powder coated aluminium and steel elements. Deriving size from a simple grid system, items nest, align, adapt and expand with ease across a workspace. Available with a caddy, container, pen cup and set of 3 dividers.

Work Shapes Desk Accessories
Work Shapes Shelves Binder
Work Shapes Shelves

Work Shapes is a family of worktop and hanging utility accessories. The Hanging Accessories consist of a hanging coat hook and whiteboard designed for the Precinct Pod and screen range. It is paired with the shelving system to stack, compose, store, arrange, share, play and shape the way you work.

Work Shapes Shelves

Floorsight provides you with a top of desk power solution, Space reservation system, Occupancy sensing/reporting and a Covid-19 return to work solution.


Ctrl recognises that people work differently. As a system it encourages these differences by allowing individuals and teams to modify their own workspace as part of their daily workflow. Tool-less user interaction encourages a fluid composition of the objects and interfaces necessary to function effectively and efficiently.

Cable Hub

The Cable Hub is a recyclable 100% PET material in mid-grey finish with steel worktop mounting brackets in black powdercoat. Cable Hub is compatible with all workstations/tables. Check the cable hub size & position under the worktop to en¬sure it will not clash with other items fixed underneath the worktop such as table support beams or in-desk boxes.

Cable Hub Video

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