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New Auckland Showroom

New Zealand's next chapter

Being a truly international furniture powerhouse, Zenith’s recent showroom is all about taking the passion for design and innovation in New Zealand to the next level. Over the past eight years, the design sector in New Zealand has continued to go from strength to strength. So it was high time for the region to have a brand new space to showcase the best workplace product to a hungry design community.


A room within a room...

…with no boundaries. Designed by Alain Gilles, the dynamic, metal framework can be created and recreated according to everyday needs—either for meeting, calling, focusing or collaborating. The curtains add an extra layer of functionality, acting as both an acoustic and visual shield to the outside world.


Five minutes with... Francesco Rota

As the art director of Lapalma and the curator behind the brand’s stand at Orgatec 2018, we caught up with Francesco Rota to learn more about how Lapalma is approaching the future of the working environment.

Find out how the brand continues its pioneering efforts in designing for greater wellbeing, efficiency and support for evolving workplace needs.