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Now Stocked in New Zealand

Tipo is a high density multipurpose stacking chair with multiple seat and back options. Manufactured in Japan, Tipo features environmental responsibility, with all resin components made from 100% recycled polypropylene and has the ability to stack up to 40 units high on a trolley. Stocked styles, finishes and colours may vary.


Modular seating and tables with a soft residential aesthetic

PLATFORMA designed by ZENITH Design, is a modular soft seating and tables collection that introduces the welcoming aesthetic and comfort of residential furniture to a commercial setting. Drawing its name from the solid ash base from which it sits, PLATFORMA showcases clean architectural lines juxtaposed with relaxed upholstery.

The Orgatec Perspective

Experience the future of work

At Zenith for more than six decades, we have looked to the future of the commercial landscape, investigating ways in which Asia Pacific’s unique cultures, traditions and hopes can be translated into commercial spaces that actively support the idiosyncratic needs of so many users and uses.

Here we present our perspective of Orgatec 2018.