Zenith RBA is dedicated to providing world class products & services to corporate and government markets
Zenith RBA is dedicated to providing world class products & services to corporate and government markets

Zenith RBA is a Supply Nation certified Indigenous business. It was established to support and grow the Indigenous business sector and empower Indigenous Australians. Zenith RBA is a partnership between RBA Abbott Pty Ltd and Zenith Interiors.

At the forefront of Zenith RBA is our Director, Jeremy Abbott, a proud Indigenous man of the Pini people in Western Australia. With an extensive 18-year corporate background spanning sales, marketing, relationships, business development, and strategy, Jeremy aims to ensure the business delivers for our trusted clients, surpasses their expectations and achieves outcomes.

Jeremy’s leadership is not only grounded in professional expertise but also shaped by a profound family connection. His father-in-law, the founder of Zenith Interiors, brings together family and personal relationships across the business that span over a decade. This enduring connection instills a deep respect, fortifying relationships and trust, enabling us to deliver seamlessly on major projects nationwide.

Beyond business, our mission is to create a lasting legacy for Jeremy and his family with the RBA in our name being Jeremy’s Grandfathers initials (Robert Bruce Ashwin). Bruce as he was known was a Stolen Generations child taken from his family at two years of age to the Moore River Native Settlement in Western Australia and then onto Sister Kate’s Children’s Home in Perth.

Under Jeremy’s guidance and in partnership with Zenith Interiors’ many years of experience, Zenith RBA assures you of the finest in product and service quality along with the commitment to achieving major community, employment and awareness outcomes to support Indigenous Australian’s.

Jeremy Photo

Jeremy Abbott, RBA Director

Indigenous Action Plan

Our Indigenous Action Plan ensures we deliver key outcomes in the areas of community, employment and awareness to support the reconciliation framework within Australia as follows:

Community Outcomes
Build respectful relationships to support Indigenous youth education through school and sporting programs.

Employment Outcomes
Provide employment opportunities for Indigenous people both internally and via our partner and supply network.

Awareness Outcomes
Provide ongoing Indigenous cultural awareness education and acknowledgment for all employees

By working together we can end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through empowerment and employment.