Impact Acoustic Release 4 New Colours
Impact Acoustic Release 4 New Colours

Swiss innovators Impact Acoustic continue their commitment to beauty and functionality with the release of the latest 4 colours in the Archisonic collection. Made from recycled PET bottles, Archisonic is a sophisticated, high-performance acoustic absorber, suitable for simple partition walls right through to complex ceiling structures.

Our tastes and preferences are informed by a vast palette of influences, including colour. With the power to influence mood or elicit feelings, Impact Acoustic understand colour plays an integral part in our surroundings and is a key consideration when developing their acoustic materials.

Inspired by nature, neutrality, and timelessness, Impact Acoustic present Linen, Jute, Honeycomb and Deep Sea, making a total of 32 colour options.


Clear and authentic. Linen is inspired by unbleached natural linen, with a quiet warmth and organic appearance.


Wholesome, natural and soothing. A softly shaded yellow that invokes a timeless neutrality.

Deep Sea

Deep Sea is a muted enticing blue, both calming and timeless. Neither too cool, nor too warm, Deep Sea is the perfect ambient blue.


A softly saturated yellow with red undertones, has a perfect natural golden hue.

These subtle and sublime colours are now available across all Impact Acoustic products through Zenith.

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