Case Study: A spacious haven at Barangaroo
Case Study: A spacious haven at Barangaroo

From humble beginnings to landmark projects across the globe, Lendlease was born out of a vision to create a company that could successfully combine the disciplines of construction, development, and investment. With a mission to shape cities and create connected communities, Lendlease engaged Alkimi to design the office interior for International Towers at Barangaroo Sydney. This stunning space utilised a suite of furniture solutions from Zenith to create a stunning, spacious workspace that supports a productive, engaged and interactive workforce.


Fundamental to the wellbeing of staff is providing workstations that support independent concentrated work. Lendlease chose Zenith’s Orbis workstation: Orbis is exceptionally stable and sturdy, yet uncompromising in visual appeal. The electric height adjustable feature allows for effortless individual customization. Supporting easy collaboration, Orbis can be configured in a number of ways to facilitate individual or collaborative work modes. To enhance Orbis, Lendlease opted for Zenith’s Precinct screens to define worktop areas for organisation and focus.

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Belite Task Chair, Orbis Workstation, Precinct Screens

Understanding that their people spend a great deal of time at their desks, the right task chair was imperative for Lendlease. A good ergonomic task chair not only provides comfort but can also improve productivity and reduce the potential for workplace injury. The Belite task chair offers the user postural comfort, flexibility and versatility. With armrest options, lumbar support chose Belite as the primary Task chair for this Barangaroo site.


For a versatile, multi-functional table, Lendlease opted for the inimitable Kissen. With a charming distinctive  leg profile, Zenith’s Kissen Table has proven popular across the design conscious office space. Designed with the physical and functional requirements of today’s varied office work modes in mind, the Zenith design  team created the Kissen table to foster connection. Whether this is connection in a collaborative group work scenario, teaching opportunity, or even in a social way, this is a table designed for interactivity.

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Belite Chairs

Lendlease's journey from vision to global impact reflects in their choice of Zenith interiors. Their collaboration with Alkimi at Barangaroo's International Towers showcases how Zenith's furniture solutions, like Orbis workstations, Belite chairs, and Kissen tables, cultivate productivity and connectivity, defining a modern workspace paradigm.

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