QUARTZ side table

Inspired by the natural crystal shape of the Quartz stone, Quartz changes its appearance when seen from different angles. Quartz is a versatile stone-like object, suitable as a side table, podium or sculpture.
Dia: Ø260mm
Overall Height: 500mm
Lead Time
More than 16 Weeks

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NORR11 Quartz side table

Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hydahl for NORR11

From Kristian's background living and studying in Japan, he aims to combine Japanese aesthetics with Danish Design, to achieve a characteristic twist to simplicity itself. Most of all searching for the small, new and original detail, which lifts the design, by adding a specific signature. By working with arts and sculptures, the process expands in new and exciting ways, with the goal of creating characteristic, functional and timeless design.


From Tommy's background in fashion, spending years analyzing and picking future trends, amongst working with color shades and structures of materials, he aims to combine details and references from different historical design periods, and put them together in new ways to create fresh and original design concepts. All designs are based on the same approach of creating design in different layers, starting from scratch to a full storytelling of each design collection.

Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hydahl for NORR11