ADD SOFT lounge system

Add soft lounge system adds depth and softness to any environment. With its embracing dimensions, the leg frames are reduced in height to make space for comfortable and plush cushions, with accessories and table tops to complement.
Multiple sizes - refer to specification
Lead Time
14 - 16 Weeks

Meet the

Francesco Rota

Francesco Rota is an interior and product designer based in Milan. Graduated in product design at Art Center College of Design in 1994, La Tour de Peilz (Switzerland), and in 1998 opened his own studio in Milano where he doesn't limit his work within only one field. The secret to his long-lasting success lies in the wide scope of his interests: product, furniture, lighting, showrooms, offices, residential interiors, events, etc. In 2013 he was appointed creative director of Lapalma. Apart from introducing new products for the brand, he aims at strengthening their positions in the most demanding world markets – Europe, North America and the far East.

Francesco Rota