Lightly is the first stackable chair in the world to be made with the plant-based polymer EcoPAXX. Made from highly CO2 absorbent castor bean plants, EcoPAXX has a 70% reduced carbon footprint compared to standard polymers. With over 73% of Lightly’s weight from renewably sourced and recycled material, it exceeds the world’s highest safety and durability standards. Light weight (at only 2.6 kilos) high-performance and small in profile, Lightly makes the ideal choice for an occasional chair for myriad spaces, with the lightest possible impact on the environment. Stacking 10 high. Lightly is designed for Noho by award winning studio Formway
Length: 500mm
Width: 465mm
Seat Height: 440mm
Overall Height: 750mm
Lead Time
4-6 weeks
Treading Lightly

Treading Lightly

Lightly conserves precious materials by only using what is necessary, creating a strong and stable structure with minimal material.

The Lightly chair is made from plants and waste. The castor bean plant soaks up carbon as it grows before being transformed into the base polymer used in Lightly’s frame. This incredible material makes up 74% of Lightly’s weight and Post-consumer recycled waste is used in Lightly’s resilient and UV stable seat.

Lightly's New Zealand based production uses 82% renewable energy and follows strong environmental and safety standards.

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Formway Design

The Lightly Chair is designed by Formway for Noho, a research-led studio who has built a reputation as a world leader and innovator in the design of performance seating.

For over 50 years, Formway has focused on designing high performance seating and established a reputation for delivering world-class residential and commercial products.

Formway’s designs are informed by insights gained through observation and consideration of human behavior. Their passion for people and design underpins their ability to create innovative solutions that fulfil genuine user needs.

Formway Design