Freedom and Flexibility for any Space. Discover Precinct.
Freedom and Flexibility for any Space. Discover Precinct.

As more organisations embrace hybrid work, the modern workspace becomes a progressive ‘precinct’ that supports, in-office, remote and on-the-go work: A nexus of utility and adaptability, where employees can concentrate on focused independent tasks, or connect and collaborate in a more informal manner.

This new workplace is a productive precinct: A thriving hub of connected networks, performing a host of independent and shared activities. With this understanding, Zenith announce the third release of the Precinct range. A collection of flexible and versatile structures that offer spatial fluidity for individual and group needs.

The Precinct collection is a series of individual elements that when combined, create ‘spaces within spaces’: New working environments tailored to singular or collective needs. With over 30 pieces within the range, including lounge modules, ottomans, work pods and screens, the latest release for Precinct Pod is the final puzzle piece in the Precinct range.

Precinct Pods are agile, insightful and adaptive. Their refined ingenuity reveals a prescient understanding of the many ways we work. Precinct Pod is an acoustic-panelled system that creates a variety of workspaces for countless work modalities, from a bookable desk for a hybrid worker, a casual catch-up with a colleague, to an enclosed retreat for an online meeting. Offering 3 new shapes geometrically designed to standalone or as configurable clusters, with fixed height or adjustable worktops, Precinct Pods provide maximum freedom and adaptability to work your way.

Integration of technology into Precinct Pod makes it transformative in business outcomes and employee experience. Creating agile workspaces for flexible teams, the Precinct Pod is compatible with Floorsense, the innovative desk and hub reservation system. Floorsense makes booking, check-in, and power-use tracking effortless. Precinct pod can leverage technology to give you the freedom to work according to your needs.

Precinct Pod

Since the initial release of the Precinct range, it has been the ‘go-to’ choice for organisations looking to implement adaptive work models; spaces where staff can work flexibly, yet still enjoy the support and connection of a team environment.

When recently undertaking an organisational transformation, QBE Parramatta sought to create “neighbourhoods” for their teams. They needed adaptive areas for small groups or individuals to focus. Precinct Pod was the perfect choice.


QBE Parramatta

New Zealand Telecommunications giant 2degrees, incorporated the Precinct Pod into their Head Office in Aotearoa. As part of their strategy to design a workspace that emphasised flexibility, operational efficiency and employee well-being, the Precinct Pod gave employees a focused, private Pod to concentrate on their customers.

2 Degrees Project

2degrees Head Office, Auckland

At The Quayside in Hong Kong, the Precinct Pod was an integral solution for a leading medical insurance company whose objective was to consolidate its offices over 2 adjacent floors. Eager to implement a more flexible, activity-based working model, Precinct pod provided the privacy for undistracted focus.

Quayside Hong Kong

Quayside, Hong Kong

The hybridisation of the workplace has been a rapid transformation. Adaptability allows your business to change at-pace and serve as a working ‘precinct’ for employee needs. The Precinct collection by Zenith is a comprehensive range of modules that can be configured to create functional ‘spaces within spaces’. Lounge and ottoman modules can be configured to initiate connection and collaboration, while work pods and screens can be combined for focus and contemplation. With technology compatibility, the latest release for the Precinct range sees the fulfillment of a collection that realises the needs of the modern workplace.