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An Indigenous business that provides commercial furniture to government & corporate organisations.

ZENITH FG is dedicated to providing world class products & services to corporate and government markets.

We actively seek to engage local Indigenous trades and services particularly for regional and remote locations. Zenith FG encourages both talent and supplier diversity, underlying our commitment to closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage. Zenith FG is ensuring that First Australians are trained and recognised for excellence in the nations workplace. We are building on the contributions that Australia's Indigenous people are already making to the National economy.

Zenith FG is dedicated to increasing employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians and supporting other Indigenous businesses through our supply chain.

Zenith FG can design, manufacture and supply commercial furniture to all metropolitan, regional and remote locations by utilising our supply partner Zenith Interiors. Zenith Interiors has over 60 years experience manufacturing and delivering world class products and services to a wide range of commercial clients. We are proud to be an Indigenous business that provides commercial furniture to government and corporate organisations. By working together we can end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through empowerment and employment.

Contact us for more information: info@zenithfg.com.au

Artwork: Winston Walford Water Dreaming (Detail) 2018