Introducing SOL-MIX By Zenith Design Studio
Introducing SOL-MIX By Zenith Design Studio

With a design intent driven by empowering the end-user – be it individual or team – SOL-MIX aims to celebrate a new frontier for flexibility in the workplace.

The result of working alongside some of Asia Pacific’s biggest and boutique organisations for several years, Zenith Design Studio has just launched its latest offering to the commercial sector with SOL-MIX.

Through understanding the enormous potential of user-centred design thinking, this portfolio of mobile, modular, reconfigurable and versatile furniture aims to celebrate the dynamic nature of the contemporary workplace, while also providing the all-important tools of both individual and collective end-users.

“Working with leading companies in Asia Pacific,” says Zenith Design Studio’s R&D Manager Bob Stewart, “has allowed us to gain valuable insights into users’ needs in the emerging workplace. Mobility and the need to be user-reconfigurable is becoming increasingly important in our design intent for the contemporary workforce.”

Suited to spaces that frequently change to accommodate mutable needs – of desk sharers, mobile workers, agile teams – SOL-MIX allows end-users to freely collaborate and connect. Bringing people, process, technology and design systems into direct conversation, SOL-MIX is designed around four key pillars of contemporary working behaviours: facilitating spaces for formal or informal meeting situations, social aspects of our daily routines, creative collisions for knowledge sharing, and moments requiring retreat and focus.

With flexibility remaining the order of the day, SOL-MIX celebrates the fact that today’s commercial spaces need to be flexible to a heightened degree: promoting the happiness of individual workers and the dynamism of teams as the basis for sustained productivity.

SOL-Sit’s seating modules in a variety of dimensions – whether singular or lounge – is available in either geometric or curved forms. Exceptionally modular, with a back or an ottoman in either a concave or convex shape. Used either in isolation or combined to create settings for various modes of work, SOL-Sit is equally amenable to individual and group needs.

As an extension of the formal design language of the SOL-Sit lounge, SOL-Rest is an armchair that boasts a sweeping and generous arm. In continuous flowing steel with solid timber accents, this piece forces a narrative of continuity that echoes the free-flowing of ideas that emerge through collaboration.

SOL-Lap’s heightened minimalism understands that functionality will remain at the forefront of intelligent design. With ease of movement, access and productivity, SOL-Lap’s table is equally useful for work that requires generating and clarifying thought, accommodating a variety of technologies that facilitate such processes.

SOL-Think is a single chair with a high back and sides that embraces its end-user in a visual and quieter realm of privacy and focus. Open and yet also private, SOL-Think is a fantastic example of how to balance the primacy of individual need with the necessity for cooperative team collaboration.

For more team-oriented working activities, SOL-Pavilion is a semi-private booth that has proven popular for facilitating quick meetings that require a degree of privacy or intimacy due to its exceptional acoustic attenuation. Comprising four distinct parts: two highly acoustic booth sides, a media panel and table with integrated tech componentry, SOL-Pavilion can be easily mobilised and assembled. With in-built lighting and a folding roof, this entirely upholstered system pushes the boundary for sound insulating design.

SOL-Bench’s highly accommodating dimensions allow workers to stand or sit with the addition of SOL-Sit. Designed to co-operate with either standing tasks or more informal sociable settings, the bench is available in a variety of dimensions and customisable options like privacy screens.

SOL-Dash’s mobile stools – available in either a square or rounded sculptural form – are highly flexible. Set upon castors, SOL-Dash is a fantastic addition to breakout zones and waiting areas, alike. Applauding a new type of agility that is no longer synonymous with stress but, rather, fun, the spontaneity inherent in its design intent lies at the core of successful collaboration.

SOL-Break’s round low tables snuggly combine with SOL-Sit configurations. Available in a variety of different top finishes, SOL-Break understands the requirements of touchdown zones and the importance of flexibility across a variety of working spaces.

SOL-Sketch’s two-sided whiteboard acts as the innovation hub for meetings, presentations, or is modular enough to simply act as an efficient way to temporarily divide open-plan spaces.

From the brains of Zenith Design Studio – a research and development department of Zenith Interiors – the range anticipates what many believe will determine the future of our working environments. Thanks to the visionary responsiveness of a team of industrial designers, product engineers, trend forecasters and experts in the productivity, change management and wellbeing of workers, SOL-MIX is an inspired curation of design frameworks that are comprehensive and user-centric.

SOL-MIX is designed around four key pillars of contemporary working behaviours: facilitating spaces for formal or informal meeting situations, social aspects of our daily routines, creative collisions for knowledge sharing, and moments requiring retreat and focus.

According to Zenith Design Studio’s Bob Stewart, “Australia really is at the cutting-edge of workplace change. Working with leading companies here has given us valuable insights into the current and continually changing needs of the working world of tomorrow.”

By David Congram.

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