Mekos: A table range with blended forms for the blended work environment
Mekos: A table range with blended forms for the blended work environment

Mekos Tables by Zenith Design Studio are the physical epitome of blended working. Toying with tension, the hoop leg form is a confluence of soft curves and honed surfaces, a notion that is reinforced through the worktop design. Mekos celebrates shape and tonal variance, representing the quest for balance and choice within the contemporary workplace.

Over recent years, the adoption of this 'blended working' method has allowed businesses to prioritise employee well-being while maintaining a central physical workspace. With this change in attitude, so too, the physical aesthetic of the workspace has changed to meet this new workstyle zeitgeist: Softer more residential profiles and ‘collections’ of furniture that are multi-functional yet share a common design language.

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This understanding has informed the new Mekos range by Zenith Design Studio; a collection of meeting tables, team tables, standing tables, and occasional tables which all share a ‘hoop’ leg design language. With a range of sizes, heights, tabletops and power options, Mekos offers blended forms for a blended environment.

The unique, distinguishing feature of Mekos is the curved inner leg. Soft lines more reminiscent of residential design, are contrasted with sharp, crisp lines expressed on the outside of the leg. This contrast between organic curve and honed ‘planes’ creates visual tension, enabling Mekos to compliment varying seating aesthetics and work environments.

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The Mekos team and meeting tables provide occupants with easy access to a range of power outlet options. Mekos Tables are compatible with several highly considered cable management and power integration options, including,

  • Omni lid- Table top access to power points.
  • Omni Duct- Below table cable duct.
  • Powerblade-carries cables from the access floor.
  • Umbilical- for managing cable reticulation from the floor.

These provide the versatility for team tables to also be used as dedicated workstations.

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The Mekos standing tables continue the collection’s design form, offering all the options and versatility of the seated range, but at standing height: Adding standing height options to an office space, employees are able to change their working position according to task, increase mobility, and improve their circulation

Occasional tables serve as a valuable inclusion for contemporary reception and casual meeting areas. Mekos occasional tables offer a broad palette of colour choices. With its signature cross-hoop base, Mekos occasional tables are available in rounded or square tops, adapting seamlessly to your preferred style.

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Mekos expands your design options by offering the blending of texture and colour in your worktop option as a standard. Four-person meeting tables, seated and standing team tables, all have the option for two tone tops. Omni access lid design provides the possibility for timber grain matching or contrasting with a range of laminates. This textural blending adds to the visual tension and interest of Mekos.

The Mekos range by Zenith Design Studio offers a table range with blended forms that harmonise with the needs of the blended work environment. Combining soft curves with sharp lines, Mekos is an elevated collection of unique tables with a common design language.

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