Denn: Redefining the Task Seating Experience
Denn: Redefining the Task Seating Experience

The task chair is a fundamental element of the modern workplace. The most utilised item in any office, it impacts the health, comfort, and productivity of most employees. Denn Chair, born out of collaboration between Zenith and Formway, is a revolutionary task chair designed to redefine the conventional office seating experience.

Informed by thousands of hours of research across a broad range of work settings, Denn is a highly evolved task chair engineered to accommodate the daily demands of the modern worker.

“One of the main challenges when designing Denn, was providing more performance than a conventional task chair in a product which looks simple yet refined and has an appropriate feel for the modern workplace. Denn has been designed to meet the BIFMA strength, durability and ergonomic guidelines for task seating. It’s designed with great materials, and it’s designed to last in the toughest task environment.” Chris Bisman-Project Director and Denn Project Lead, Formway.

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As the contemporary workplace becomes a multi-activity ecosystem centred on focus, collaboration and connection, Denn combines high performance and sustainability with an elegant aesthetic to deliver a task chair that intuitively responds to the user’s movements throughout the day.

When leading diversified professional services and investment management company Colliers moved to their new office in Singapore, a clean, modern task chair that supported employee wellness was a key requirement. Colliers Senior Director-Head of Project Management, Chris White states,

“Our team had attended a presentation by one of the designers of the Denn chair and we were impressed at the amount of research and development that went into the production of each chair. Our Singapore office is positioned as a Centre of Excellence for our Asia Pacific operations, and the Denn chair provided the modern aesthetic to personify and align with the direction of our business. The simplicity of this task chair and the minimal adjustments required was highly desirable, particularly given the flexible seating arrangement in our office.”

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Denn Chair introduces a groundbreaking approach to user adaptability, acknowledging the common tendency for users to seldom adjust their chairs beyond gas height. Leveraging a patented mechanism, Denn eliminates the need for manual adjustments. Instead, it incorporates a weight compensation mechanism that intuitively adapts to individual users, promoting a comfortable and supportive sitting experience.

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With only two adjustments - seat slide and gas height - the Denn Chair streamlines the user experience. Its 8-degree forward tilt encourages active sitting, while a subtle 4-degree rocking motion supports micro movements. The 12-degree recline opens the spine, fostering a healthier seated posture. The absence of a locking mechanism ensures flexibility, recognising the dynamic nature of work and movement.

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The 4D arm design offers an excellent range of motion, accommodating various tasks and supporting device use while addressing ergonomic concerns. The lumbar support, featuring subtle tensioning of knit, is variable in position and removable, catering to individual preferences.

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Beyond its ergonomic prowess, Denn embraces a calm, inspiring residential aesthetic. Its unique design sets it apart in the task chair market, offering a refreshing departure from conventional office seating. With light and dark frame options and a palette of seven back colours, this task chair provides versatility to match any office aesthetic, from the subtly sophisticated to the beautifully bold. The transparency of the knit and polycarbonate back frame components impart a lightweight appeal, concealing the chair's advanced ergonomic features within a simple yet elegant design.

One of the standout features of Denn is its commitment to sustainability. A market-leading environmental solution, Denn boasts up to 58% recycled content. The 3D knit, crafted by Camira using SEAQUAL®YARN, consists of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabric, including upcycled marine plastic litter. Importantly, the manufacturing process of the knit ensures zero wastage.

“As an organisation we are committed to embedding sustainability in all that we do and reducing our carbon footprint. The high level of recycled materials utilized in production of the Denn task chair was a contributing factor in our decision.” Chris White-Colliers Senior Director-Head of Project Management

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Coloured polycarbonate, constituting 90% post-consumer material with no glass fibre, further contributes to the chair's eco-friendly profile. Impressively, 94% of Denn is recyclable at the end of life, aligning with global sustainability goals.

An aesthetically elegant task chair for focused work, meetings and collaborations, Denn effortlessly adapts to your ever-changing movement, postures and positions throughout your day. With unsurpassed functional and environmental performance, Denn enhances you and your every move.

Zenith in partnership with The Local Project, explore the inspiring journey of design, research & development of the incomparable
Denn chair.