Catering for the New Age of Hospitality Design with Zenith
Catering for the New Age of Hospitality Design with Zenith

As we set the table for a new era of hospitality design, Zenith presents innovative, unique solutions that balance style and performance. 


It is fair to say that the hospitality landscape has radically transformed over the last few decades. Just think about it. AirBnB revolutionised the hotel scene. Technology has changed how we order food. And the global economy has brought an explosion of choices for cuisine, accommodation and entertainment to sate our ever-growing appetites.


As a response to accommodate for the ever-growing appetite of a remarkably large target audience, it is almost compulsory to consider a product’s versatility, compact-ness, and space during the early stages of design.


We’ve watched on as the hospitality world has gone from strength to strength, challenge to challenge, over the past few years. We’ve also seen how excellent design in the hospitality environment can bring to effect better delivery of service, more leverage and competitive edge, and even be an active contributor to generating mass consumer interest. Which is why, at Zenith, we are looking forward to celebrating Asia Pacific’s rich hospitality culture by taking our people-first approach to design and delivering solutions that consider the needs of both patrons and hospitality staff, alike, to meet the functional requirements of this evolving space without compromising on that all-important capital-S Style.


Vibrant, striking, and contemporary, Zenith’s hospitality collection helps craft inviting, dynamic hospitality spaces that work. There is no denying that a large part of hospitality lies in appearance and presentation. With this in mind, Zenith Hospitality’s commercial-grade furniture is a value-added feature for all hospitality proprietors and end-users.


Dynamism & Flexibility

The hospitality industry is extremely vast and broad, encompassing a copious amount of designable and specifiable corners. The flexibility of a product and its ability to adapt to any intended use will not only ensure its longevity but also future-proof the space.

Featuring a cosy wraparound polypropylene shell and sleek laminated beech legs, the Crona Light by Brunner is a flexible solution for today’s fast-moving hospitality spaces. Lightweight, stylish, and highly customisable, the Crona Light is available with a range of options that includes a sled base, swivel base on glides, or a fixed pedestal mounted on castors and an optional loose seat cushion.

BuzziLight by Sas Adriaenssens

Complementing this flexible solution is the striking BuzziLight, a statement pendant comprised of laser cut, sound-insulating felt wrapped around a sturdy steel structure – a must for buzzy eateries where the din can sometimes ruin your dinner (pun intended). The ideal luminaire for busy spaces in which both illumination and acoustic control are required, BuzziLight is available in three distinctive styles and in a mono or two-tone colour palette that is delightfully evocative of traditional Chinese paper lanterns.


Convenience & Spatial Economy

When modern, multifunctional and does not compromise on style, furniture can help achieve greater convenience – particularly in settings with a considerable amount of constraint.

AP Stool by Shin Azumi

The unshakeable influence of traditional regional forms and materials on hospitality furniture within the Asia Pacific is also evident in the AP Stool from iconic Italian brand Lapalma. Designed by British-Japanese designer Shin Azumi, the elegant stool features a single planar piece of FSC-certified timber folded sinuously upon itself to create a gestural, origami-like statement piece. Lightweight and compact, the AP stool’s unique form is not only striking: it also allows the stools to be nested for easy storage.

AXYL Armchair by LAYER Design

Similarly, the AXYL range of tables and seating from Allermuir is designed to deliver style, functionality, and practicality. United by an inverted Y-frame and shared materiality, products within the AXYL family offer a strong, contemporary silhouette that is tempered with high functionality: the chic AXYL armchair is stackable up to 4 seats high, while sleek, no nonsense design makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. What’s more, the range is fabricated entirely from low-impact materials including recycled wood fibre and nylon and agglomerate “recon” foam comprised of reformed foam off-cuts.




Beyond this, inclusions in the carefully curated Zenith hospitality portfolio reflect the company’s longstanding ethos: uniting people through proactive design that is durable, functional, environmentally responsible, and aesthetically innovative. By remaining loyal to this ethos, Zenith has earned a position as the favoured choice for our region’s leading cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and other social spaces.

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