A New Fresh Look for Hong Kong
A New Fresh Look for Hong Kong

We've had a face-lift.

In 2015, Zenith opened its showroom on the 27th floor of The Centrium building in the bustling Central area.  Our first real presence in Asia.

Zenith Interiors is an internationally-servicing Australian company providing innovative solutions for all corporate and commercial environments.

Zenith not only ‘provides’ but actively collaborates with organisations in the region to develop inventive workplace solutions to engage their employees by creating spaces with products that are functional, appealing and forward-thinking.

“By gaining a deep understanding of the organisations’ needs, we help to create work environments that bring people together to share, collaborate, socialise and learn,” says Zenith’s Director, Barbara Schmidt. “Zenith understands that office environments today are about leading-edge technology, collaboration and community.

We are passionate about designing, manufacturing, distributing and supplying the very solutions, aligned with current thinking and trends. In turn, our clients receive ideas, experience, expertise and locally-manufactured best-in-class products.”

Zenith is a champion for the “Made Local” movement, having invested significantly in an internal manufacturing and design program, Zenith Design.

In 2009, Zenith introduced an R&D department, now called Zenith Design, to lead their manufacturing and design direction. Zenith Design comprises a veritable cabal of industrial designers, product engineers and CAD operators. Design is continually researching global workplace trends and designing products that anticipate the ever-changing workplace environment.

The designers and team work in close collaboration with end-users, clients, architects and interior designers to develop tailored and bespoke solutions for the specific and varied needs of every workplace.

But overall, the Zenith philosophy is to look at each region of operation as a complete service centre. This ‘think global, act local’ approach see every area where Zenith is active, offering a unique showroom experience to showcase their products, backed by a savvy team of sales, project management and service delivery who in turn, work very closely with Zenith’s manufacturing facilities; creating one harmonious brand service.

Zenith has 12 showrooms (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai) and four manufacturing facilities in the Asia Pacific region.

If you’re strolling along Wyndham Street, why not pop in and we’ll show you around our new digs.