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Affected Furniture Futures

Integration of AR and VR

ZENITH is forging our own in-house methods for integrating advancements in AR and VR into our designs and customised digital experiences. Keeping at pace with developments in the mixed reality space, we are now looking to the future with the impact wearables will have on the workplace. These experiences allow our clients enhanced visualisation and unprecedented access to their fitout and product development prior to manufacture.

Jac Wins 2020 Good Design Award®

Design by Schamburg + Alvisse

Jac by Schamburg + Alvisse received the prestigious Good Design Award® in the Product Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation announced on 8th September. Jac draws on the impressive calibre of this design house to deliver a chair for the people. Bringing the duo’s innovative thinking to the challenge, Jac combines everyday comfort, style and elegance with endurance, confidence and strength.

Kissen Conference

By Zenith Design Studio

Kissen Conference is an expansion of the Kissen offering launched by Zenith Design in 2018. While maintaining the Kissen design language, these new settings directly complement training and conferencing; adding value to the existing range of workstation pods, touch down team tables and collaboration tables. With their distinct leg profile, functionality and charm, the collection has proven popular across the design conscious office space.