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Zenith Brings Home To Work

While much has been written about how to bring work home, little attention has been paid to how we bring home to work. Zenith addresses this gap by creating the domesticated workplace with the Precinct Seating Collection.

There’s a future where employees lounge on couches, feet up on ottomans and take meetings in an easy and enclosed privacy.

Tree Planting Initiative Update

We thank you, our passionate community for your support!

Since launching the JAC tree program in late 2019 we have reached over 20,000 trees.

The Office That Meets The Moment

For too long the office has been perceived as an operational expense rather than a vital strategic tool.

The pandemic changed all this, with the office’s abrupt departure from our day-to-day revealing why it existed in the first place.

In our isolation, what emerged was a need for physical forum for camaraderie, ideation, strategizing and working in tandem. These are ambitions that exist outside of metrics, they reside in the feelings and atmosphere.