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Zenith Care

Designing for Aged Care

A carefully curated range of products by European, Asian and Australian brands, designed to cater to the specific needs of those within the healthcare sector. Zenith is reimagining what furniture in aged care looks like to not only increase comfort and enhance patient recovery, but also to reduce the stress and physical fatigue of caregivers.


Tables and Workstations with a Distinct Leg Profile

Designed for the physical and functional requirements of today’s diverse work modes; KISSEN fosters connection whether in a social or collaborative setting. The collection of tables and workstations feature a strong timber aesthetic in seated and standing heights, an interchangeable kit of componentry and cable management options.

New Additions to EDO

Focus, share, collaborate, socialise & learn

EDO Streetscape is a modular system designed to create beautiful places for people to work, learn and refresh. EDO pays homage to Tokyo’s sophisticated blend of technology and tradition, with new additions to the collection offering spaces for flexible team, private discussion and individual focus settings.