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Championing Australian design

The importance of embracing local talent.

Australian-designed furniture has never been more in demand. With a unique aesthetic, the country’s designers are known for imbuing their creations with all the qualities of our great nation: creativity, humility and a healthy dose of playfulness. And as the popularity and appreciation for Australian design continues to climb, Zenith explores how important it is to support home-grown design talent.

It's time to meet Jac

The people's chair

In collaboration with Schamburg + Alvisse, Jac draws on the impressive calibre of this design house to deliver a chair for the people. Bringing the duo’s innovative thinking to the challenge, Jac combines everyday comfort, style and elegance with endurance, confidence and strength. Continuing the sustainable design ethos of Schamburg + Alvisse - for every Jac chair you buy, a tree is planted.

Epic Plus

Design by ZENITH

The slim formed lines of EPIC Plus provides a simple yet timeless aesthetic. The highly resolved and versatile design enhances the end users feeling of wellbeing and provides the ability to support focused and collaborative work modes. Some of the features designed into the robust and flexible product include length adjustability in the under desk support and its compatibility screen systems.