ORBIS ADAPT workstation

Orbis Adapt is an innovative desking solution that is powered by a fully integrated battery. The height adjustment mechanism, monitor and all peripheral devices can operate for a full day or more from a single charge. With untethered connectivity, whether collaborating or working alone, Orbis Adapt gives workers the freedom to create the workspace that best serves the task being performed.
Multiple sizes - refer to specification
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6-8 weeks
Stock models may vary, please contact us to check availability.

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The world's first integrated battery powered cable-free desking solution.

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Floorsight provides you with a top of desk power solution, Space reservation system, Occupancy sensing/reporting and a Covid-19 return to work solution.

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Zenith Handset Controller

Zenith 2 & 4 Button handset controller is a product of thoughtful innovation and customer-driven enhancement.

What is the difference between an AC appliance and a DC appliance?

What is the difference between an AC appliance and a DC appliance?

AC stands for Alternating Current and is commonly integrated into our workplaces. However, the mains power source used in our traditional work related devices is often not required.

DC devices, which stands for Direct Current is widely used for low voltage, low current devices such laptops and phones. Traditionally, these devices require additional electronics in the form of a power pack or power charger to step the power down from high voltage to low voltage. Orbis Adapt acts as a the power pack, transforming mains energy from the wall, ceiling or floor into a DC battery which can then power our work devices directly. This negates the need to carry bulky charges and power bricks from home to the office or from one room to the next.

Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling

As part of the B-Cycle Battery Stewardship Program, OE Elsafe are committed to the safe recycling of batteries. In partnership with Envirostream, Orbis Adapt’s Lithium-ion batteries can be safely recycled at their Victorian facility.

Envirostream are an ISO accredited battery recycler, who’s processing system recovers approximately 95% of materials, and returns them to battery manufacturers in a circular exchange.

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