Treading Lightly on the environment
Treading Lightly on the environment

Introducing the Lightly Chair by Formway Design, a super lightweight stacking chair with the lightest touch on the environment.

Lightly is the first chair to be made from the plant-based polymer EcoPAXX which makes up 73.5% of Lightly’s weight. EcoPAXX is made from the highly CO2 absorbent castor bean plant and has a 70% reduced carbon footprint compared to a petrochemical polymer. Lightly’ s seat makes up 26.2% of the weight and is made from post-consumer recycled ASA. Using the minimal amount of material in the maximum way.


Pictured: CO2 absorbent castor bean plant

Lightly exceeds the world’s highest safety + durability standards and is manufactured in New Zealand to ensure more than 80% renewable energy use in production. All packaging is made to be recyclable or compostable for the lowest environmental impact.

Lightly is stackable up to 10 high and comes in 5 different colours.

This incredibly strong and durable chair is an easy move from one space to another with the entire chair weighing only 2.6kg.


Lightly has been designed to fit how we sit. Whether it be in conventional or unconventional postures, Lightly will provide great comfort.

Lightly has been awarded the Green good design award 2022 and the Best award gold 2022 in the category product furniture and sustainability.  

Lightly has also received a certificate for BIFMA and Greenguard Gold.

Lightly First Image

Lightly ChairSpecification sheet

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