Meeting Room Optimisation
Meeting Room Optimisation
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Zenith Connect
Empowering efficient Agile Workplaces with Technology

Zenith Connect provides a comprehensive solution for all your workplace needs; addressing the growing issue of ghost booking. This is achieved through the integration of Floorsense Rooms, booking system, and occupancy sensors—a user-friendly technology that enhances workplace efficiency and provides real-time insights into space utilization versus capacity.

Through the adoption of integrated workplace technology solution, businesses can leverage increased spatial utilisation.

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The sensors monitor the space and provide real time occupancy updates to your database.

Floorsense Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensors (PIR) with customised apertures provide macro-occupancy data. With a low cost 5-year battery, this sensor is unobtrusive, easy to install, low maintenance and an easy way to increase spatial efficiency. For greater occupancy purview, Floorsense optical sensors collect data and provide a micro-data level of space usage to optimise floorspace planning and capacities.

Ceiling mounted Floorsense optical sensors analyse low-resolution images of a meeting room or space, sensing people as objects and producing highly accurate data. All processing is done within the sensor itself and no images are ever transmitted over any network. The current number of people in a meeting room
space is transmitted to a Floorsense dashboard and floorplan view.

The Floorsense optical sensors can significantly improve a company’s understanding of space utilisation and capacity planning when coupled with an intelligent occupancy platform, such as Rooms. Floorsense Rooms is a comprehensive suite of booking software and hardware technology, that offers rich analytics that reports on room booking vs occupancy vs room size and drill down on busy periods and occupancy numbers.

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Floorsense Advanced Occupancy Counter

“Physical attendance in meetings can be tracked, and our clients will always know how many people showed up in the meeting room, during that meeting time” Simon Hope, co-founder and director of Agile Workspaces.

Rooms provides the ability to book the physical space to support virtual meetings created in other systems.

Existing hardware tablets can have Rooms software uploaded where compatible. Occupancy data can be overlayed with bookings through Outlook, as Rooms software provides the ability to book the physical space according to virtual meetings created in other systems. This means physical attendance in meetings can be
tracked, and our clients will always know how many people showed up in the meeting room during that meeting time.

In circumstances where existing hardware is not compatible with Rooms software, Rooms hardware can be installed to provide the most comprehensive and complete level of space optimisation:

  • Book rooms on demand.
  • Track real-time usage.
  • Finish early or auto-extend booking.
  • Screen auto-powers off during out of hours.
  • Ceiling mounted occupancy sensor.
  • Booked meetings start by just walking into the room.
  • No-shows allow the room to become free after 10 minutes of no-one physically checking into the room.
  • Auto-finish early frees up the room earlier than the finish time.
  • Reports on actual levels of occupancy.
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It is crucial that businesses assess and understand their real estate needs, and that their floorspace is utilised according to capacity. Floorsense occupancy sensors and Rooms booking system enhances user experience by eliminating ‘ghost bookings’ and provides insight into when and why rooms are used. This ensures optimal utilisation of floorspace, correct investment in property and increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

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