Case Study: UWA Ezone Social- An adaptive space to study or socialise
Case Study: UWA Ezone Social- An adaptive space to study or socialise

Social interaction and collaborative learning opportunities are key factors in a university campus experience. Informal learning spaces provide a sense of connection and belonging, particularly for undergraduates and first-year students transitioning to university life. Connectivity of informal spaces is key to the overall dynamics of student engagement with the campus and one another.


When the University of Western Australia (UWA) decided to create Ezone Social; a relaxed, informal, multifunctional space, ensuring it was readily reconfigurable was a central priority. The furnishing components needed to be effortlessly movable, robust and interchangeable to numerous configurations. Zenith Perth in conjunction with Schin Architects and UWA devised a comprehensive assortment of furnishings that worked as standalone pieces, or in configurable clusters to create dynamic spaces for study or socialising.


Given the utmost requirement for adaptability, the Precinct range by Zenith was the go-to solution for Ezone Social’s needs. The Precinct collection is a series of individual furniture elements that when combined, create ‘spaces within spaces’: New environments tailored to singular or collective needs. The range offers lounge modules, ottomans, Meet booths and screens, all of which Ezone Social utilised within their space.

UWA Ezone

                           JAC sled chairs, Kissen Tables, Precinct Ottomans and Precinct Meet

Ezone Social chose 3 Precinct Meet booths arranged in a back-to-back configuration creating ‘rooms within a room’. Versatile Precinct Meet works as a break-out booth or a cosy nook to collaborate. High screens create an enclave for private team discussions or a quiet corner to catch-up. Likewise, Precinct lounges and ottomans create informal seating areas that work as independent pieces or can easily be configured with other lounges to create versatile zones for group discussions or social gatherings.


For study, collaboration, or socialising, Kissen meeting table provides a versatile work surface for all modalities. Robustly made for the physical and functional requirements of commercial use, Kissen proved the ideal worktable for Ezone Social. As the intent of Ezone Social was to create a multifunctional space that also served as a study setting and place for idea generation, Zenith supplied Sol sketch whiteboards for brainstorming and Fitzroy laptop tables for study.


As the quintessential all-rounder, JAC was chosen as a seating solution for the project. Thoughtfully designed and robustly manufactured, JAC effortlessly fulfills the seating needs for a multitude of spaces and applications. JAC also aligned with UWA’s environmental and community values: For every JAC sold a tree is planted through Zenith’s Sustainability initiative. Currently, Zenith’s One Tree project is focused on Ecological Restoration near Gordon River in South-West WA. The project not only provides environmental replenishment, but this Aboriginal owned project site will provide empowerment to the local community through on-going employment.

Image 5

  JAC side chairs, Precinct Ottomans, Copine Stools with back and Kissen Tables

UWA Ezone Social is a dynamic multifunctional space that students, staff and industry partners can adapt and configure to suit their needs. Zenith supplied a collection of furnishings that are not only robust and easily moved, but also work together in a multitude of configurations.

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