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ZNews / Zenith CARE: Bringing Innovation to Healthcare

February 27, 2017

Zenith CARE: Bringing Innovation to Healthcare

Zenith extends their reach to the health sector with a carefully curated range of products.


In branching into healthcare, there were a number of important factors for Zenith to address. As a company, they wanted to be able to provide solution-based furniture that would not only increase comfort and enhance patient recovery but also reduce the stress and physical fatigue of caregivers.

The Zenith CARE Col­lection is a carefully curated range of prod­ucts designed to cater to the specific needs of those within the healthcare sector. The aim is to offer products that effortlessly enhance the lives of patients and caregivers. The entire collection has an em­phasis on safety and support without comprising on style and design.

buena nova healthcare furniture

However, there is nothing ‘in­stitutional’ about the designs. The furniture conveys to users and patients a sense comfort and relaxation. The range places the focus back on people without losing sight of stringent functional requirements thus meeting all ergonomic and hygienic demands of the healthcare environment.

by David Congram

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