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ZNews / Women in Design and Construction Event in Brisbane

May 14, 2019

Women in Design and Construction Event in Brisbane

Bullying can take on many different forms and may include work related negative acts, personal harassment and social exclusion. The behaviour can be overt and aggressive or passive and subtle.

On Thursday night the WIDAC Brisbane community explored the issues around workplace bullying and discussed how to make positive steps towards resolutions.

We would like to thank the guest panel members for the evening who captivated the crowd and answers all the difficult questions. 

  • Dr Alayna Renata, AHUWHENUA Resarch, Design, Advisory
  • Ingrid Asbury, Deputy President for Fair Work Commission
  • Kateena Mills, MAHRI, Consultant at Club Sandwich Consulting
  • Jen Cowle, Office Manager at Ellivo Architects

Check out some out the evening's highlights below.

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