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ZNews / Tonina, the chosen one!

July 25, 2014

Tonina, the chosen one!

Allermuir's TONINA chair was chosen for Benjamin Hubert's 200m2 auditorium created from his AMASS System at 100% Design.

An exquisite, stackable and 100% recyclable chair, the TONINA combines contemporary design with an incredible finish, as well as comfort and durability. Designed by Italian duo Dondoli+Pocci, of the Archirivolto Design Studio, Tonina is inspired by fluid shapes in nature and manufactured using leading edge biomimetic technology. Injected at high pressure into a steel mould, the material creates a smooth, almost lacquered outer skin, and an inner structure with exceptional strength.

The end product is beautifully simple, strong and inimitable - synchronising perfectly with Benjamin Hubert's materials driven modular system AMASS.

Amass by Benjamin Hubert from Benjamin Hubert on Vimeo.