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ZNews / Tomorrow’s design… today!

March 28, 2017

Tomorrow’s design… today!

At ZENITH, trend forecasting has been pushed to new frontiers. Responding to the connected workplace of the future, ZENITH creates products to meet emerging needs. Where, commonly, design is reactive (where products developed are matched to a client’s identified needs), ZENITH Design works at the forefront of embryonic need and advanced technology. The team’s approach to product innovation springs from extensive anticipatory research. Drawing information from a range of research initiatives squarely positions design thinking within the arena of empirical reasoning, distilling the practice of design down to one key question: if this is happening now, then what will happen next?

Bob Stewart, who sits at the helm of ZENITH Design, states: “We’re very focused on what the end-user needs and what their workplaces require. We have a forward-facing work methodology in our design approach.” Little wonder, then, that the latest offering from ZENITH Design, KISSEN, is already responding to the functional requirements of a new breed of commercial environments. As a collection of tables and workstations carrying a strong timber aesthetic and distinct leg profile, the range takes its name from the German word for ‘cushion’.


With an interchangeable kit of componentry and custom material choices, KISSEN’s supreme economy of space streamlines the products’ form and accessory options to provide ease of team expression and identity. Responding to the need for tomorrow’s diverse work models, KISSEN seeks to foster connection in either social or collaborative settings.

While KISSEN responds to the primacy of collaboration in the commercial environment, EDO by Schamburg & Alvisse responds to the desire for new degrees of flexibility. Inspired by Tokyo’s dori (streets) and yokocho (laneways), the EDO Streetscape is an elegy to the city’s vibrant melting pot of technology and tradition. Whether offering flexible modularity for interactive team meetings, formal catch-ups or more private settings for focus and retreat, in the words of EDO’s designers, the range offers the design community “the tools to create utsukushi basho (beautiful places) for people to work, learn and refresh”.

EDO by Schamburg + Alvisse

EDO by Schamburg + Alvisse

Comprising a suite of single and supplementary modular lounges, ottomans, collaborative modules and additional tablet arms, EDO’s custom options carry across timber and powdercoat

legs, high or low backrests, removable armrests and upholstery. KISSEN and EDO are available throughout Asia Pacific thanks to the team at ZENITH. With showrooms throughout the region, contact your nearest ZENITH team to view these latest collections designed for tomorrow’s commercial sector.

EDO by Schamburg+Alvisse


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