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ZNews / The Orgatec Perspective

November 21, 2018

The Orgatec Perspective

At Zenith for more than six decades, we have looked to the future of the commercial landscape, investigating ways in which Asia Pacific's unique cultures, traditions and hopes can be translated into commercial spaces that actively support the idiosyncratic needs of so many users and uses.

For 2018 Orgatec, over 56,000 people came together to explore how the individual in the modern workplace fits within the broader dictum of ‘Culture @ Work’. This year, Orgatec explored questions surrounding workplace attractiveness, experiments in media technology and digitisation, wellbeing initiatives, the conditions of teamwork and communication, sustainability and – potentially this year’s greatest theme – material innovation.

No one could have estimated the rapid growth of this event when it was founded in 1953. More brands, more product, more square-metres, more people … more queues. Expanding with each biennial recurrence, in the pages that follow we look back at Orgatec 2018 – the year that all records were broken and new benchmarks were set.

Here we present our perspective of Orgatec 2018!

View: The Orgatec Perspective

Download PDF: The Orgatec Perspective

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