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ZNews / Less is More! Introducing Ecoflex

July 27, 2014

Less is More! Introducing Ecoflex

Ecoflex, designed by Justus Kolberg for Senator,  is a minimal masterpiece, combining a clean understated aesthetic design with outstanding functional flexibility. Its stylish, light and built with sustainability in mind. It makes an impact on any interior without making an unnecessary impact on the environment.

SIMPLICITY- Ecoflex is proof that less is more. Its calm, crisp lines disguise a raft of innovative features, giving you a chair that's as pleasing to look as it is to use.

Its appearance is flexible too. Plastic components can be black or light grey and the mesh back is available in a wide range of modern colours.

FLEXIBILITY- You feel at home in an Ecoflex because it's designed to fit around you. You can adjust everything from seat depth to lower back support with simple, intuitive controls.

Plus, a rotational three-stage travel limiter helps you maintain the open, fluid action of the chair- a feature that has recognised back health benefits.

SUSTAINABILITY- Less is more when it comes to construction. Ecoflex has been designed to include fewer components and use fewer raw materials. The ingenious back frame incorporates many of the features required for the operation of the height adjustable arms. It also cuts down on production processes by requiring no extra co-moulded components or structural inserts.