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ZNews / Introducing Floorsight

August 18, 2020

Introducing Floorsight

Integration of technology into furniture

Introducing Floorsight, a desk power solution, Space reservation system, Occupancy sensing/reporting and a Covid-19 return to work solution.

Floorsight is a workpoint integrated desk reservation solution offering frictionless check-in and check-out of spaces, combined with occupancy sensing and wireless / wired device charging.

Use the Floorsight puck to make any space bookable, track user location, offer wayfinding and gain insights into actual space utilisation for space planning, all while providing the user a convenient charging solution for the phone and laptop.

An occupancy sensor is included which is installed under the desk. The sensor works at any desk height and accurately tracks, via an advanced algorithm, the presence of a person at the workpoint. Taking the hard work out of tracking the usage of your space, you can engage how your staff are using the workplace which will provide you with critical data when it comes to spatial layouts, moving spaces or redesigning your original floorplate.

Covid-19 back to work features

By using a workpoint integrated desk reservation system you can enforce social distancing via desk lock off which prevents users working too close, help users find recently sanitized workpoints and generate contact tracing reports showing who has been working near who.

Achieving a positive and well balanced workplace can be difficult. As an organisation you want to ensure that your environment promotes creativity, connection and concentration. With Floorsight you can take the stress out of anaylising floorplate usage an occupancy trends to ensure workplace productivity.

View Floorsight for AU/NZ here and Asia/SG here.