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ZNews / Celebrating A Huge First Year for Zenith’s Shanghai Outpost

November 26, 2018

Celebrating A Huge First Year for Zenith’s Shanghai Outpost

The Zenith team recently celebrated its first year in Shanghai. And it was a night to remember.

A year ago, Zenith opened its first showroom in Shanghai, marking the company’s continued commitment to remain at the forefront of supplying the latest innovative products for commercial, health, hospitality and education sectors.

Shanghai Party Dessert Installation

Zenith celebrated its first Shanghai anniversary in style with a party for over 100 clients. The evening was underscored by an extravagant black and gold theme, which was a deliberate nod to the Chinese tradition of gold meaning good fortunate and wealth. The guests were greeted with espresso martinis and a monumental hanging dessert installation that reinforced the company’s state-of-the-art facilities. On the night, there was no stopping the crowd from celebrating with mouth-watering delights and luscious canapés, not even the weather.

In such an evolving industry like Shanghai, where the creative industry has attracted the best and brightest professionals from all over the world, Zenith’s one-year-old showroom merely marks the company’s focus on being a part of the region’s growing design prowess from a global perspective.

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