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ZNews / BuzziSpace at Sydney Indesign 13-15 August 2015

August 27, 2015

BuzziSpace at Sydney Indesign 13-15 August 2015

Zenith showcased Belgium company BuzziSpace at the Galleria space, Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh.  Over these three days we received many compliments on how lovely the stand looked and performed, balancing sound and adjusting noise levels to be a very pleasant experience…

Zenith and BuzziSpace

BuzziSpace started in 2007 and immediately became a world-wide hit as they responded to the global need to bring silence and style to the office, designing great product that not only looks great but functions as it ought to  by dampening noise in open office spaces.


In honour of the innovative BuzziPicNic piece, we hosted the Breakfast Picnic.  Alain Gilles’ revolutionary BuzziPicNic means you can work, have a meeting, stop for lunch or enjoy a beer with your coworkers at the same multi-functional table. Now that’s something to celebrate!


BuzziFalls designed by Sas Adriaenssens were also a great hit.  These floating, decorative panels offer artistic style with acoustic benefits providing an elegant art piece and room dividing solution

in one.


BuzziVille also designed by Alain Gilles is just like building a cityscape, and provides you with all the necessary components to shape your ideal working quarter.

BuzziSpace have a wide range of acoustic tiles.  These come square, rectangle, and as pentagons and hexagons.  BuzziBlox are tiles with varying depths that help regulate sound waves.


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