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Brunner, founded by Rolf Brunner in 1977, is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of contract furniture. The company focuses on providing solutions for business and hotels, trade shows and congress centers, as well as for healthcare, education and public institutions.

Solutions by Brunner make sense wherever people come together. Sharing a sense of process, of being together and feeling at ease. Brunner can assure this by smart products and top functionality, supporting users in increasing the efficiency of their processes.

Brunner follows the aim of designing furniture for rooms providing an optimal environment for the respective task at hand. In this, Brunner closely cooperates with leading architects and designers. The result: inspiring design of exemplary quality, harmoniously combining a reduced formal language with outstanding functionality and surprising details. Sustainably and seamlessly conceived and integrated into true Brunner design.

Brunner starts by understanding all steps within the customers’ processes in order to be able to provide the ideal individual solution. And to answer even very specific requirements by offering a large product portfolio, providing a high degree of flexibility and using the latest technology.

The close-knit sales network assures the necessary proximity to the customer. Internationally, Brunner is represented by three sales organisations: Arro in France, Brunner UK in the UK, and Sedorama in Switzerland.

Brunner – a family-owned company located in Rheinau (Baden, Germany) – offers its employees a great environment for personal development, encouraging them to take on responsibility in order to drive the optimisation of processes and products.

For more than 30 years, the Brunner family has led the company, resultoriented, decisive and focussed on achieving their set goals – complying with the highest ethical standards. Always conscious of their important entrepreneurial responsibility towards their region, partners and customers, employees and suppliers.

The fair, friendly, open and direct way of dealing with each other is a hallmark of the success-oriented corporate culture, characterised by mutual appreciation and responsibility. That’s why Brunner will not compromise on product quality and work processes, nor on fulfilling the highest demands in terms of environmental protection and implementing health and safety regulations.

Looking forward, the Brunner family is dedicated to delivering personal commitment in management and providing investment for sustainable growth. Conducting trend-setting studies (e.g. on workplace behaviour, ergonomics and health) and implementing the results will assure Brunner’s position as one of the leading manufacturers of innovative solutions in the furnishing industry even in the future.


4More Folding Table
A-Pult Lectern
Artemo High-Back Chair
Artemo Lounge Table
Artemo Ottoman
Banc Armchair
Banc Bar Stool
Banc Cabin
Banc Coffee Table
Banc Modular Bench System
Banc Ottoman
Banc Table
Buena Nova Armchair
Buena Nova Chair
Buena Nova High-Back Chair
Buena Nova Table
Cellular Easy Chair
Cellular Side Table
Cellular Sofa
Cellular Worktable
Collar Armchair
Collar Coffee Table
Collar Sofa
Crona Bar Stool - Column Base
Crona Bar Stool - Sled base
Crona Chair
Crona Chair - Wood
Crona Coffee Table
Crona Easy Chair
Crona Easy Chair - Wood
Crona Felt Easy Chair
Crona Felt Easy Chair - Wood
Crona High Lounge
Crona High Lounge - Wood
Crona Light Armchair
Crona Light Armchair - Wood
Crona Light Bar Stool
Crona Light Chair
Crona Light Chair - Wood
Crona Lounge
Crona Lounge - Wood
Crona Sofa Lounge
Dress Standing Aid
Due Bar Stool
Due Stacking Chair
Due Table
Fina Bar Stool - Pedestal
Fina Bar Stool - Sled
Fina Bar Stool - Wood
Fina Cantilever Chair
Fina Chair
Fina Club
Fina Club Table
Fina Conference Table
Fina Fold Nesting Table
Fina Swivel Chair
Fina Wood
Finalounge Table
Finasoft Conference Easy Chair
Finasoft Conference Easy Chair Cantilever
Hero Plus Chair
Hoc Bench
Hoc Cheek Table
Hoc Lounge
Hoc Standing Table
Hoc Stool
Ray Chair
Ray Chair Cantilever
Ray Lounge Easy Chair
Ray Lounge High Back Chair
Ray Ottoman
Ray Table
Sonato Armchair
Sonato Chair
Sonato High Back Chair
Sonato Lounge
Sonato Ottoman
Sonato Reclining Chair
Sonato Table
Taceo Armchair
Taceo Lounge Armchair
Taceo Reclining Lounge Chair
Taceo Sofa
Taceo Stacking Chair
Taceo Stool
Taceo Table
Taceo Turnable
Team Mobile Room Dividing System
Timber Bench
Wellano Easy Chair
Wellano High Back
Wellano Ottoman