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Axona Aichi

Axona AICHI, founded in 1939 is the Japanese manufacturer of a diverse range of furniture for such public facilities as universities, community centers and event halls. Axona AICHI provides a complete and continuous service from product planning, through design and production to final marketing. In Japan, Axona AICHI has enjoyed an excellent reputation for the high quality of its merchandise for over 60 years and most recently with Tipo chairs and CTZ flip-top tables.

Good Design Award: Creating new, comfortable and valuable spaces that are both functional and beautiful is their founding policy. Axona AICHI has received the Good Design Award, Japans most authoritative design award for 135 products. In addition, Daylight, received a gold award Best of Neo-Con, the largest NorthAmerican world trade fair of furniture.

High Quality with Global Standards: Axona AICHI basic policy is one of constant pursuit of quality on a global level and for maintaining of these high standards. Axona AICHI acquired ISO 9001. Building on their original structure with innovative materials such as urethane foam and techniques such as mesh they have produced chairs of exceptional comfort.

International certification (ISO 14001) Axona AICHI have taken on the challenge of reducing environmental impact through the development, production, use, and disposal of environmentally friendly products. Having acquired the international certification ISO 14001 they are actively contributing to the development of a sustainable society.