Australian tree planting thrives in 2024 with Jac One Tree Initiative
Australian tree planting thrives in 2024 with Jac One Tree Initiative

In alignment with our central mission of increasing Sustainability through best practises and initiatives, Zenith proudly continue our partnership with ONETREEPLANTED.ORG to restore habitat and conserve biodiversity in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Through the Jac initiative (with every Jac sold a tree is planted) now in effect since 2019, Zenith recently surpassed the colossal milestone of 80,000 trees planted. This incredible result wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our clients and the design community, to whom we are very grateful.

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As part of our reciprocal commitment to the communities in which we operate, the tree planting initiative within Australia has been focused on Ecological Restoration in South-West WA. Below is the latest update on this programme and how it’s making a positive impact on the local habitat.

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Ecological Restoration in South-West WA (2024) is an ongoing programme to which Zenith has contributed 11,810 trees since July 2023.

The South-West WA project divides its focus between two sites. The first is Boorokup, a property on the Gordon river, an ancient drainage site that is now a series of saline lakes. The property is 358 hectares with 250 hectares being cleared land.

The second project site is the Tambellup Noongar Farm, a property that is owned by the Aboriginal community in the town of Tambellup. Like Boorokup, this property is also located directly adjacent to the Gordon River, roughly 25 kilometres upstream from Boorokup. Working with the Tambellup Noongar community and the Binalup Ranger Aboriginal Group, the project aims to undertake a cultural and ecological restoration of 130 hectares of degraded cleared land next to the river. For this Aboriginal owned project site, works will provide ongoing education and discovery for the community and provide empowerment through on-going employment.

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Zenith are not only proud of our 80,000 trees planted, but pleased to continue an initiative that provides long term conservation to areas of native biodiversity and provides employment opportunities for indigenous local communities.

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