Zenith RBA Supports Burragah Kindy
Zenith RBA Supports Burragah Kindy

ZenithRBA supports ATSICHS Brisbane (formerly known as Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service) a not-for-profit community owned health and human services organisation.

ATSICHS was formed by Community members and concerned general practitioners as a small volunteer group in the early 1970s. Today they provide a diverse range of health and ancillary services to more than 12,000 clients. One of their centres is the Burragah Kindy in Woodridge. This was a recent acquisition that ATSICHS took over earlier this year after the previous owners did not have the resources to modernise it. Currently, Burragah caters for 15 Indigenous children aged 3 to 5 years old with a focus on supporting and strengthening children’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity through programs that are inclusive of the children’s culture, language and learning styles.

"It's not just a Kindy!" Said Trent Young From First Grade after Visiting Burragah.

The building was in need of some tender loving care; some problem points identified were that the children found it difficult to turn the taps on and off. The roof covering the outdoor patio area leaked, the building flooded when it rained due to inadequate drainage, there were only two power points in the whole building, and the lighting within the Kindergarten was insufficient. As part of our social support program, with close collaboration with ATSICHS, we were able to supply the necessary labour and materials to resolve these issues plus install a new retaining wall and drainage to the garden area.

Areas that were upgraded include:
• Drains that work when the rain comes and no longer floods the kindy.
• New gutters and guards where needed.
• A brand new drain that across the entry of the out back patio area to catch water running in down the backyard path.
• Powerpoints inside and outside.
• All new internal light fittings with lights that have diffusers.
• A retaining wall that prevents the back patio from being covered in sand and dirt from the gardens.
• New hand basins and all new taps which have auto shut offs to prevent water wastage.
• A repaired back patio that no longer leaks.
• New coat of paint on the back patio floor so that it looks brand new.

Now Burragah Kindy can provide an improved learning and living environment to a higher standard for their staff and students in a supportive and caring environment that is culturally appropriate. The outcome put simply by Kirsten Holland from ATSICHS was “Fabulous.”