PRECINCT Pod Height Adjust

Precinct is a modular panel system with the ability to create a variety of workspaces, ranging from open and collaborative to private and focussed. The simple panel system is available in a range of predefined options with adjustable glides. Compatiable with Orbis Height Adjust workstation.
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Lead Time
6 -10 weeks
Lead times are based on standard product and configurations.

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Precinct Pod

The modular panel system with the ability to create a variety of workspaces. They are geometrically designed to standalone or as configurable clusters, with fixed height or adjustable worktops, Precinct Pods provide maximum freedom and adaptability to work your way.

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Hot Black Render

Multidisciplinary design practice, Hot Black have created floor plans and renders that showcase how the Precinct Collection can be used as an adaptive and comprehensive furniture solution. Explore the full range of possibilities that the Precinct family offers for any number of spaces and work modalities.

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Workshapes Whiteboard
Work Shapes Whiteboard

Work Shapes Whiteboard is a pivotal component in the versatile Work Shapes collection. Crafted to foster collaborative environments, it empowers teams with a dynamic tool for brainstorming, planning and note taking. Pair it with whiteboard hooks, to ensure easy access to pens and essentials.

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Zenith Design Studio

We’re a design and experience centric studio who create furniture solutions based on our intimate understanding of the workplace and workplace behaviours. We apply our expertise in interior architecture and product development to create progressive, high performance workspace solutions.

In our Design Studio you’ll meet our team of 30+ experienced product designers, mechanical engineers, product configurators, immersive experience developers and visual content creators. Our cyclical process of listening, investigating, experimenting, and learning, provides a proven platform for understanding the unique requirements of our clients.

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