LAPSO vertical hammock

This slender and quiet upholstery furniture is fixed to the wall just like a piece of art. Once immersed in this “painting” you can enjoy a peaceful moment. The “hood” contributes to improve acoustics thanks to its curved upholstered panels. The shape reflects sound back to the person making a call, causing them to naturally lower their voice, while the padded upholstery helps to dampen the room’s reverberation.
Length: 780mm
Depth: 580mm
Overall Height: 1260mm
Lead Time
12-14 weeks
Note: The Sancal brand is not available to the Singapore market.

Antoine Lesur & Marc Venot

Antoine Lesur and Marc Venot are independent designers based in Paris, where they collaborate regularly on specific projects. Each works for a range of different manufacturers, and each makes a point of highlighting the importance of design as a central aspect of the manufacturing process.

Antoine Lesur & Marc Venot