ZENITH is forging our own in-house methods for integrating advancements in AR and VR into our designs and customised digital experiences. Keeping at pace with developments in the mixed reality space, we are now looking to the future with the HoloLens 2 and the impact wearables will have on the workplace.

Our customised VR experiences are developed in-house by our Immersive Technology team. These experiences allow our clients enhanced visualisation and unprecedented access to their fitout and product development prior to manufacture.

Our ZENITH VR Showroom is a Multiplayer Collaborative experience that allows clients to join in the showroom experience from anywhere in the world and communicate in the same virtual space. Clients can experience custom interactions with our catalogue, adding and removing finishes and trialling different layouts on the fly.

All the while, we’ve kept abreast of advancements in AR, developing small AR experiences using object and image tracking to add virtual accessories to physical furniture.

Zenith WebAr To view the Remix chair in your space view the link on your phone and select the cube symbol on the right

We leveraged our position at the forefront of AR integrated furniture to develop WebAR. Now, anyone with a relatively new smartphone or tablet can access our AR Models via link or QR Code and position them in their own spaces using their device’s camera.

Having met the challenge of integrating each new AR development into our designs and showcases, we decided to look ahead to see how we might nurture the next technology from the ground-up.

ZENITH is investing in the HoloLens to be at the forefront of this advancement and imagine what the future looks like. We are looking at adding furniture holograms into the tactile world while also researching other ways holograms can enhance our client experience such as digital displays and waypoints.

We’ve partnered with Mond Qu, founder of multidisciplinary design studio United Make, to embark on a journey into the future of workplace. We believe that The Future is Soft.

We dive deep into what the future workplace could look like and how the digital and physical worlds will come together, forming new hybrids and creating seamless interactions.

Stay tuned for more insights into the future of technology-affected furniture as well as a sneak preview of The Future is Soft.

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