Lapalma: Stay.Work.Meet.Live
Lapalma: Stay.Work.Meet.Live

Our ways of working have radically changed. Everything is more fluid, interconnected, horizontal and delocalised. Consequently, the office has changed its role and functions. It’s no longer a simple place for people but a relational space, where meeting in person becomes an important added value. An open and attractive place that fosters interaction and dialogue between colleagues. Lapalma have imagined an ideal journey through new places in work and life. Products that have been redesigned to meet increasingly complex and diverse needs while satisfying a simple need that is even more necessary and precious to us today: to feel at ease with others.

Plus Sofa

Plus Sofa

A lounge that immediately welcomes you. A beautiful, cosy and comfortable island. PLUS is an ultra-flexible seating system with an interplay of shapes, volumes and colours. Its soft, rounded contours accompany its wide, generous seating that is open on both sides. The sofas are modular on several sides, providing countless options for rearranging them in different combinations, thanks to an extremely simple coupling system that allows the various elements to be detached and re-assembled.

Miunn Stool, Lem Stool & Fork Table

MIUNN Stool, LEM Stool & FORK Table

A short break between one engagement and another. A moment to pause, recharge your batteries and start again more focused or to work over a cup of tea without being disturbed. The cafeteria becomes a connected and versatile space, where you can choose your favourite corner depending on what you want to do. Do you prefer a high stool for a quick sandwich while at the computer or sitting on the sofa chatting with that colleague you would otherwise only meet at a meeting?

Screen Space Divider

SCREEN Space Divider

Two today, twenty tomorrow, two hundred in a month.

The new office needs to change quickly, without losing functionality and comfort. The SCREEN panel system allows you to easily designate workstations or create small meeting rooms thanks to the addition of castors.

It’s a quick and easy way to increase privacy and separate without dividing a space. SCREEN panels are made of fabric or wood-covered tubular frames, or sound-absorbing fabric panels. The variety of heights and curves, allows an exceptional choice of configurations, along with combinations of colour and texture.

Add System

ADD System

In a large office, the organisation of space can be spread out or, on the contrary, too constricting. ADD SYSTEM allows everyone to have their own well-equipped workspace while providing a sensation of spaciousness and sharing. The ADD T table combines impressive visual lightness with outstanding functionality. It can be either a single or a modular element. Cables run, concealed and fixed under the profile. On the top, sockets and power adaptors are included for smart workstations. ADD S metal units, D. 45 cm are available in three heights and can be arranged and reconfigured depending on different office requirements. They are available double-sided, with openings or closed with doors and drawers. Equally versatile in terms of finishes and colours, the various elements can be monochrome or play with various shades, for a visual outcome that is always appealing and refined.

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