Noho Move chair delivers beautiful movement through its innovative design, nurturing healthy movement and responding to support your every activity. Its dynamic ‘forward tilt’ and ‘recline-flex’ combine to deliver uniquely fluid motion and ergonomic support, intuitively responding to your every activity and posture, eliminating pressure points and improving your body’s circulation as you move between work activities throughout the day. Move is designed for Noho by award winning studio Formway.
Length: 510mm
Width: 500mm
Seat Height: 480mm
Overall Height: 850mm
Lead Time
2-4 weeks

Customise Workstation

The Noho MoveTM was created from thousands of hours of research and design development. The unique movement promotes healthy postures to support you and your team's activity everyday; from focus spaces to meeting spaces, from individual work to teamwork. From a financial review to coffee and a catch up. Noho MoveTM enriches the experience.

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5 easy steps to assemble the Noho MoveTM chair.

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Steps to assemble the Noho MoveTM toppers. 

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Design that doesn't cost the earth

Design that doesn't cost the earth

Noho Move frame is made from reclaimed materials including ECONYL™ (Nylon 6 from reclaimed fishing nets and end of life carpet) and recycled post-industrial polypropylene, as well as the Seat topper is made with sustainably sourced New Zealand wool that is naturally durable and luxuriously soft.

  • 98% of the plastic is upcycled from waste
  • 60% Regenerated Nylon (fishing nets, waste carpets)
  • 38% Recycled post-industrial Polypropylene
  • 2% of the plastic is renewably sourced


Noho MoveTM chair is designed by Noho's sister company, Formway, a research-led studio who has built a reputation as a world leader and innovator in the design of performance seating.


For over 50 years, Formway has focused on designing high performance seating and established a reputation for delivering world-class residential and commercial products.


Formway’s designs are informed by insights gained through observation and consideration of human behavior. Their passion for people and design underpins their ability to create innovative solutions that fulfil genuine user needs.