Experience the softer side of Jac
Experience the softer side of Jac

In the dynamic realm of commercial seating design; elegance, comfort and sustainability are the cornerstones of progress. Eco-design pioneers Schamburg and Alvisse in partnership with Zenith, have long understood that creating graceful and versatile furnishings with minimal environmental impact is the way of the future. This knowledge was the impetus for the now acclaimed Jac range: A poised and cohesive seating collection, offset by the ‘One Jac One Tree’ initiative.

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Pictured: Jac Executive & Jac 4 -star Lounge Chair 

After the recent release of Jac's 95% recycled shells, the Jac range now reaches the culmination of refinement with the addition of 3 new models: The Executive, The Armchair and The Lounge Chair. Meticulously developed over 2 years, this inspiring trio were designed to add an aura of subtle sophistication whilst retaining Jac's trademark comfort and body contouring support.

A key objective in the engineering of the new Jac models was the creation a softer aesthetic and more immersive experience. To achieve this, Zenith utilised the latest technology in foam injection molding. Countless iterations were tested, each with varying levels of foam density, in the pursuit of achieving unparalleled comfort. The end result is a seating experience that is as opulent as it is ergonomic.

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Pictured: Jac 4-star Lounge Chair & Jac Executive

However, the design ethos of ‘Jac 2.0’ extends beyond comfort, embracing ‘elevated style’ as a core tenet. With expanded colour, fabric and finish choices, the new model Jac chairs allow for a large range of customisation possibilities, ensuring each chair harmonises perfectly with its setting.

The Executive, with larger proportions and optional headrest, exudes an air of authority and restrained luxury. Jac Executive caters to the dynamic needs of executive spaces.

Meanwhile, the Lounge Chair encapsulates versatility, form and function. With 4-star, sled, classic and architectural timber base option in addition to optional headrest, the Lounge Chair radiates an aura of casual elegance.

Completing the triumvirate is the Armchair, which offers the same shell as the Executive with a lower, more reclined profile. Available with headrest, sled and classic timber base, the Armchair is perfectly suited for lounges, waiting and meeting areas. With clean lines and gentle contours, the Armchair offers a sense of refinement and modern luxury.

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Pictured: Jac Classic Armchair 

Remaining true to the designers and Zenith’s commitment to environment responsibility, the ‘One Jac One Tree’ biodiversity programme will continue for the latest model Jac chairs. As the final addition to the inimitable Jac collection, the Executive, Armchair and Lounge Chair models assert their presence with an unparalleled blend of luxury, style and functionality.

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