Zenith Brings Home To Work
Zenith Brings Home To Work

While much has been written about how to bring work home, little attention has been paid to how we bring home to work. Zenith addresses this gap by creating the domesticated workplace with the Precinct Seating Collection.

There’s a future where employees lounge on couches, feet up on ottomans and take meetings in an easy and enclosed privacy. This isn’t a vision of the continuation of remote work but rather the workplace redesigned. It’s a future where spaces and furniture are made to mimic the comfort of the domestic space.

The rapid adaptability to remote work has made us all homebodies. Even as businesses integrate a hybrid home-office relationship, the workplace must now compete with that home for attention. Each morning this space must act as a beacon, justifying a commute by making it as enticing as home. The workplace’s opportunities for collaboration and community are key to this enticement. But the physical comfort of the work environment will also play a pivotal role.

Differences in privacy, ergonomics and materiality have historically been the contrasting signifiers between home and the workplace. The modern workspace must coalesce these, existing between the two worlds. Between the comfort of home and the concentration of work, between formality and informality, between collaboration and individualisation. It’s a blended approach: of residential woven with the commercial.

The new workplace’s distribution of space will incorporate this comfort, offering a variety of environments that cut across this spectrum of home and office tones. Booths for concentration or coffee. Lounges for casual conversation or collaboration. Spaces for introversion, whether for retreat or focus. Large gathering spaces for employees to come together in informality or in ideation.

The hybridisation of living spaces and workplaces has been one of the most rapid and inextricable mutations of workspace architecture and design. Zenith has been sensitive and adaptive to this epochal change offering a series of pieces that usher in this domesticated workplace.

The Precinct Seating Collection by Zenith is the sum of its parts; a series of individual elements that when combined create new working environments that offer the tone of home, or work or of their combination.

The series of lounge modules, ottomans, screening systems, work and meeting pods are configurable as ‘spaces within spaces’. The different modules can be variably combined for degrees of formality and informality, while always maintaining the soft rounded comfort of the domestic environment. These are mobile spaces wherein the employee can set the tone and the focus.

Permanent spatial structures within workspaces are no longer viable. Instead space needs to be designed around the tasks that are to be performed.‎ The Precinct Seating Collection allows for a range of possibilities for distributing space without having to install rigid, unalterable structures. This adaptability allows your workspace to be ‘at work’, changing at-pace to employee’s needs for either home, work or a hybrid at any given moment.

Today, the choice presented to employees should be between remote work or working from a domesticated office. This domesticated workplace does not just have a few elements of the home - pot plants and soft corners - but instead evokes the home’s very logic; as a typology of space for retreat, privacy and solace.

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