CORE armchair

Core‘s volumes show matter in its pure state. Its formal design, which brings to mind classically-inspired furniture and shapes, presents its most contemporary facet through the materials used. Its generous and comfortable seat is embraced by a delicate quilted back. The balance of the Core resides in the harmonious union of its parts, which naturally fit together like elements chiseled by a sculptor, as if they have been built from a single block of material. The sobriety of the armchair and sofas can be emphasized by using neutral fabrics or contrasted with bold colours.
Length: 1100mm
Width: 850mm
Seat Height: 420mm
Overall Height: 730mm
Lead Time
More than 16 Weeks

Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio Stockholm-based studio of design founded in 2008 working within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy. The studio like to pay attention to their surroundings, and try to create things that make others do the same. By looking at what is unique in every project and emphasizing that, they are able to transform non-material values into tactile objects and spaces.

Note Design Studio