Although Scandinavian in style, the Boomerang is based on the Australian aboriginal implement of the same name, a shape that forms the backbone of the design. This pure, simple form has been meticulously machines to obtain exactly the right curves, its wax-like finish reminiscent of classic Nordic design.
Length: 700mm
Width: 900mm
Seat Height: 420mm
Back Height: 1030mm
Lead Time
4 - 6 Weeks
Stock models may vary, please contact us to check availability.

Quim Larreal

Quim is one of the heavyweights of Spanish design. He holds the National Design Award for his career as an architect, designer and journalist.

In the 80s he founded and directed the magazine Ardi with Juli Capella - from which he promoted interesting initiatives that have given wings to the culture of design made in Spain.

Currently he chairs the Andalusian Design Center and directs a study focused on both architecture and industrial design.

Quim Larreal