The Year that was...
The Year that was...

As the year draws to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked upon. 2023 has been a year filled with milestones: From launches of Zenith designed and manufactured products to delivering beautiful and functional projects. We've forged new connections, expanded our horizons, and embraced innovation. Here’s some of our highlights and achievements from 2023.

Each year, Zenith Design Studio apply their knowledge in interior architecture and product development  to create innovative workspace solutions. These products are then manufactured at our local facilities with expertise and integrity. This year, our talented teams designed and developed several industry leading products using components and materials  that are created, assembled, and delivered through our local logistics networks. Here are just a few of our favourite product highlights from 2023!

Image 1

Pictured: Precinct Pods & Levee Lounge 

Kicking off 2023, Zenith’s Precinct collection was enhanced by the addition of several new Precinct Pod shapes. Precinct is a holistic collection that creates ‘spaces within spaces’ and provides a comprehensive solution for activity-based workspaces.

April saw the launch of the modular lounge Levee by Zenith, a sumptuous system of 17 lounge parts that bring a comforting residential aesthetic to the workspace. In November, Levee was expanded to include a new shorter seat model “Levee Work”; a versatile choice for individuals seeking a comfortable yet functional space for work or discussion.

Image 2

Pictured: Estate Table 

Launched in June was the Estate family of tables. Serving as either an individual work-point table or a collaboration setting, Estate creates a ‘home base’ for specific modes of work. Distinguished by the grounded pedestals which come in a selection of profiles, Estate can be configured in ways that best align with varying work tasks and the spatial aspirations.

Deen With Awards

Pictured: Denn Chair 

The indisputable highlight of the year came in July with the launch of the highly anticipated Denn chair; A stunning task and multipurpose chair wholly designed and manufactured by Zenith. With a simple yet refined aesthetic, Denn brings new levels of elegance to any workplace. Denn embraces a post-plastic era by transforming upcycled low-grade waste materials into innovative performance seating. Denn’s launch was celebrated with events at Zenith showrooms throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Denn’s style and sustainability did not go unnoticed by the Design community, receiving Gold Awards from Best Design Awards for “Furniture” and ‘Sustainable Product Design”. Denn was also shortlisted for the prestigious Dezeen Awards for Workplace Design.

Jac Softer And Lighter

Pictured: Jac 4-leg, Sled Stool & Sled Armchair 

November brought the culmination of the Jac collection with the addition of 3 new models: The Executive, The Armchair and The Lounge. This inspiring trio were designed to add an aura of soft sophistication whilst retaining Jac’s trademark comfort and body contouring support. Additionally, all Jac shells are now constructed from 95% recycled polypropylene, adding to the existing Jac Sustainability Initiative wherein a tree is planted for every Jac chair sold. The Jac-One Tree Initiative itself hit a rather significant milestone with 60,000 tree planted. We are extremely grateful to all of our clients who helped make this huge contribution to reforestation.

Orbis And Verse

Pictured: Orbis Adapt & Verse Pod with Occupancy Sensor 

As holistic workspace specialists, we understand how technology should be integrated into the furniture products and solutions that connect your business. In 2023, Zenith Connect has kept it’s finger on the pulse by updating and continuing to integrate the latest cutting-edge innovation. Zenith Connect’s range of technology products ensure seamless connectivity and elevated workplace experiences. 

This year saw the launch of Orbis Adapt by Zenith Connect; an innovative desking solution that is powered by a fully integrated battery by OE Elsafe. The Orbis Adapt workstation is fully untethered and was featured at the Workplace Summit Events throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In 2023 Zenith also completed many projects for our wonderful clients across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We appreciate the opportunities to provide solutions to a vast array of organisations and help them create stunning and functional work environments. We are grateful to all our wonderful clientele, suppliers and partners and look forward to another action-packed year in 2024 and embarking on new journeys and challenges.